Cables for Tenor OTL


I am looking for cables for my Tenor 75 Wi OTL amplifiers. Speakers are Avalon Opus. I am thinking of the following...

Kimber Select 3033 (copper) and 3035 (copper/silver)
Silversmith silver
Any others I should consider?

Any experence with the above cables on the Tenor?

Current cable is TARA The One.

Rich, if you're willing to consider the cost of the Silversmith cables, I encourage you to try the Omega Mikro Planar IV Silver LCX cables in your system. I use them with my Avalon Eidolons and Atma-Sphere MA-2s and find them to be an excellent match for that combination. These cables simply are astounding in their neutrality and transparency.

If you work through Walker Audio, you can try them in your system with no risk. If you're not completely satisfied, return them to Walker Audio in original condition within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

Given your choice of Avalon and OTL amplifiers, I can't imagine you ever sending back the Omega Mikro cables once you've tried them.
There is a guy that posts on the Asylum that has a similar setup and he uses Pure Note. FWIW.
I have owned the Omega Micro and Silversmith. Before I bought the Silversmith cables, I auditioned the Tara Lab model below The One (forgot the name,Decade?. My impressions with Avantgarde Duos,Berning Siegfried SET/OTL amp,Levinson digital(soon to be Audio Note) were as follows: Tara Labs--slightly polite,dynamics not a strong suit,very balanced thruout,nice cable, Omega Micro-- best dynamics,pace,and bass of the three,thinnest midrange and lacking some body,very slight upward tilt in frequency range which could be troublesome in all OM cable system, Silversmith-- warmest of the three without being noticably warm overall,evenhanded in all frequencies,possible slight thinning of upper bass,decent dynamics,disappeared the easiest and conveyed the musical message the best. I eventually opted for Silversmith IC's and speaker cables and OM digital cable. No plans to change any cables. I hope this helps. Enjoy listening.
I liked the jena labs cables when I had my 75WI's
I own Atma-Sphere M60's with all the available options. Preamp is Atma-Sphere MP3, digital is CEC TL1-X/AudioLogic MXL and speaks are Mini Utopias with a Utopia Sub. I am completely wired with Ridge Street Poiema and I cannot fathom ever going to any other wires. They have the best attributes of all the previous wires I have ever owned. They have the speed and resolution to let OTL designs really shine and do what they best. The Ridge Street cables never impart any colorization onto the music. They are revealing-but never strident nor washed out. I feel that the Ridge Street Poiema wires perform as a super Audiophile Autobahn that enables all the information recovered and processed within my digital, gathered in my MP3, passed onto my M60's and finally delivered to my all done without any alteration or colorization. They have my highest recommendation.