Cables for Teac reel to reel

Just purchased a Teac x-1000R reel to reel and would like some advice on appropriate cables for installing in an all tube Audio Research system. Obviously, they need to be single-ended and not too over the top price-wise. Speakers are Magnepan 3.7s.

Thanks in advance.
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I've owned 3 X1000R's and have had good luck with Linn 1.2M IC's hooked up to an all tube Cary system. Try to get EE tapes and use the DBX NR, you'll be surprised at how good your recordings will be. Good luck
unless you are running your deck with the head wired out to a separate outboard tape pre, interconnects are not going to make much of a difference. The stock electronics (unless a studer) pretty much suck.
DiMarzio M-Path. I use them with my Nak682ZX tape deck. $160 for 1.0 M pair new. I have SS integrated though, but not the one with sterile sound. They are good, well balanced, excellent soundstage, tight bass. Yes, my Purist is a little better in the midrange, for five times the cost.