Cables for surround Under carpet

I've been using audioquest cv6 for my front 3 channels with some generic copper from BB for my nautilus 805 for surround. Needless to say I get feedback. I feel I get great use of my cary cinema 5 on the from but need improvement on surround especially if listening to multichannel music. What cables should I look into. Requirements
1. Must be nearly flat
2. Not planning on robbing a bank
No reason you should be getting feedback unless something is defective. In any case, I use Nordost under the carpet.

Do you meaqn feedback like a high piutched howl? Cables can't cuae this. Are you using any tubed equipment? If you put a tube very close to a speaker, you can get feedback, just move the thing away from the speaker. I had this problem when I had a tube effects pedal in froint of my bass guitar amp (right in front of the port). Just had to move the pedal a couple feet away, no mopre howl. A turntable close to a speakier could probably also do the same thing