Cables for Soundlab speakers

Anyone have any ideas for speaker cables to run from a Sim Audio W5 amp and Pristine 3+ electrostats? Interested in used under $1000 and need a 10 ft run. Currently using Tara Prism Klara wire now and feel there is more to be gotten from this system.
What about the sound of your system, do you not like? Is it a lack of bass, high frequencies, imaging or other problems?

Also would help if I knew the source, and preamp. Even a short description of distance from rear and side walls in the listening room would help. This is very critical for all bipolar speakers, and Soundlabs are no different in this requirement.
There is nothing obviously wrong with the system. Imaging could be a bit better as well as bass definition. Source is a SFCD 1 cd player through a SFL 2 pre-amp. Using Bear Labs Silver Lightning XLR interconnects. The speakers are about 3 feet from the back wall, 2 feet from the side walls and about 8-9 feet apart from each other. There is a TV slightly behind the speakers and closer to the left speaker which may be causing some imaging problems? Unfortunately the TV must be there per my girlfriend. I am really wondering if a better speaker cable will help "remove a bit of veil".
Hope this helps, any suggestions will be helpful.
Scon90, based on how you describe your system, I would pull the Soundlab speakers out from the rear wall about another eighteen to twenty four inches, depending on what you can stand visually.

This will open up the imaging, tighten the bass and improve the high frequency resolution without spending a dime. If you don't already have spikes under the Soundlabs, that is a must and a very inexpensive upgrade. If that does not go in the correct direction, post the results and we will have another go at it.
Thanks for the help. I'll take your advice. I will post if I need any more help.
Scon90, I have the Auras, which if I remember correctly are the same panel as the pristines. A big improvement overall with my Auras came as a result of upgrading the panels to the copper diffusion ring. It was a big improvement in all aspects of the Auras. If your pristines do not have the new diffusion ring, it is worth the money to upgrade.