Cables for Sophia 2 and Burmester


I have been looking into the possibilty of upgrading my powercords, interconnects, and speakercables. At this point I use Brahma powercords and Thor distributor, Tyr interconnects and speakercables. I have tried Valhalla interconnect between my amp and cd player, but it lacked a little body and sounded in my view a tad dry.

There are not many possibilities borrowing cables in Norway. I have looked at Shunyata Python CX for the powercords, and Stereovox / Synergistic Research / Transparent Audio / Crystal Cable for the interconnects.

I like the dynamics of the Valhalla, and the 3D sound. But in my wiew it had a little dip in the upper bass and tended to be on the dry side. Due to this female vocalists sometimes lacked body. But that is in my system.

My equipment consists of Burmester 032 integrated amp, Burmester 061 cd player, Wilson Audio Sophia 2, Revox B77mk2, and the cables mentioned. I tried the same cable set up at Quad ELS 63 with Gradient sub basses, and the lack of body and dryness was still there.


Cheeers, ToffenG
Try Analysis Plus the solo and oval 9 and you will new not be disappointed
kubala sosna elations.Will give you the same dynamics as Valhalla plus more body.
Hi Toffen,

I have Sophia 2s with dCS VerdiEncore/Delius and Musical Fidelity kW 500.

I have had superb results from a loom of Acrolink Mexcel cables. That is 7N-DA6100, 7N-S20000, a 7N-PC9100 to the DAC and a 7N-PC7100 to the transport. There is also one Shunyata Anaconda 20A on the amplifier.

Read Ryan Coleman's review of the Acrolink cable system on the Dagogo website. I can confirm the accuracy of Ryan's comment about the benefits of the Acrolink cables in removing the harshness from the tweeter.

I doubt that I will ever change these cables.
Three of us here have wildly different systems, Mine is Spendor or Focal driven by a MF NuVista M3, one friend has AvauntGuard Horns driven by custom tube amps and the third has Martin Logan Spires driven by MacIntosh SS. The only thing we have in common in Cardas Golden Reference speaker cable, which seems to work well in a verity of situations. The third system will have Wilson Sasha speakers in use in a week or so.


Have anyone of you experience with ZenSati from Denmark?

Cheeers, ToffenG
I am running Synergistic Tesla Precision Ref between my 001 and 032; Tesla Apex between 032 and speakers.

Thanks! What kind of speakers do you have? And how will you describe the sound?

Cheeers! ToffenG
I have Hansen Prince V2's - see my system. I think the sound is well-rounded with no marked deficiencies.
Since none of us knows the character of Burmester electronics, we all be speaking to ''air''. Simply because, we don't know the faults of burmester combination.(sonicaly speaking) However, all we know Sophia 2, at least I do own actualy since 2006. I would say go transparent cable(reference series) all the way except powers but I know it is supposed to be expensive in Norway.(at least from amp to speak.) Kubala Sosna is another option, you may go all the way with Kubala Sosna( elation-emotion)
I know the Burmester sound well. I would recommend Transparent Reference cables.
I have had excellent results with KS Emotion cables and my Sophia II speakers. You can get them cheap on AgoN, and resell them down the road if you do not like them. They add a lot of body and texture to the music. I would start with the speaker cable first, since it seems to have the greatest effect.
I would also 2nd the KS Emotion cables. I recently had some experience with these and these are some of the best cables i have used. Pricey but well worth it.
I have ZenSati in my Audio Research / Wilson setup - I am a happy camper. My budget only allowed ZenSati #3, but even here the silence is deafening. I have had the pleasure of 'not' listening to both the #2 and #1 series - and it is amazing what they can do for your pleasure.
I have no experience with any of you gear. But I do think there is zero need to have only one brand of cables in a system. It's better IMHO to mix and match.