Cables for SF Power 3 & B&W Matrix 801

I am trying to find the best speaker cables to connect my B&W Matrix 801 speakers to my SF Power 3 Tube monoblock amps (output impedance 0.25 ohms). Biwire/single wire? Etc....Any suggestion?
I've used both Stealth Premier and Stealth Ultimate Ribbon, and have a Sonic Frontiers power amp, and they've been LOTS better than MIY CVT Terminator or Audio Magis Spellcaster. Given the 30-day money-back guarantee, I'd give them a try. The Ultimate Ribbon worked best for me, using Quad ESL 63's.
I think you should go to home depot and get a 4 gauge wire. That should do the trick. But do try to put the wire in you gaand before using it with the speakers to break them in. I do not speak from experience, but I have heard it greatly cleans up the midrange, highs become liquid, great soundtage, etc. Best of luck.
using audioquest bi-wire argent on top and midnight3 bass.great combo and not too expensive.keep'em short!