Cables for Rogue audio and B&W

Hello AGONers,

I am trying to find a pair of new speaker cables for my Rogue audio/B&W setup. I will list my components below for suggestion purposes

Rogue Audio Perseus Magnum Preamp
Rogue Audio Ares Phono Preamp
Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum Power Amp
B&W 804 Diamond speakers.

I will leave my sources out of the list. The cables I am currently using are Audioquest type 4. These were the first "decent" cables I purchased when I put my system together. I have on loan from the cable company a pair of Kimber 12TC bi-wire and a pair of Wireworld Equinox7 bi-wire. Both of them are a major improvemnt over the type 4 but, the Kimber seems too bright in my system and causes listening fatigue fairly quickly. I am really enjoying the sound of the Wireworld equinox 7 cables. They are very detailed and balanced in my system. I would like to audition a few more brands of cables before I make a purchase. Can you make a suggestion for speaker cables that are a good match for B&W speakers with Rogue tube equipment? I am looking for neutral, balanced and detailed without the harshness of the 12tc. The diamond tweeter in the 804 doesn't agree with the kimber. My price range is around 1k for a pair of bi-wire speaker cables. Thank you all for any suggestions you might have. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a prosperous new year.
any suggestions or thoughts would really be appreciated. I know there must be someone else out there with rogue or b&w gear. Thanks in advance.

believe it or not, Straight Wire is a nice listening match.
Otherwise, Audioquest & Transparent are sonic matches for B&W speakers.
I have B&W CDM1NT bookshelves connected to a MF A5 Int via MIT Shotgun S2s that work quite well together.

Tried several different AQs, but they tended to accentuate the treble a bit too much. With the MITs, the highs are tamed a bit better, but I still get that detail and sparkle I like.

Harmonic Technology has a smooth treble and leans just a little to the warm side but still good detail.I am familiar with Rogue and B&W though I don't own your exact set up.Couldn't hurt to give em a try.Good luck to you!
I remember one Rogue Audio owner who used Kaplan cables all around. From Power cords to ICs and SCs it was all Kaplan.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Transparent, MIT, and Harmonic Technology going on the list. I will check with cable company to see if they have any of these available for rental. Does anyone else have any suggestions or experience with the gear and cables mentioned above.
I have a very nice pair of Synergistic Research Spec 6 B&W speaker cables. These are bi wired and I used them on my 805's. They were discontinued when SR came with their Tesla line of wires. Outstanding imaging and detail. These were made just for the 800 series. A little hard to find now, but mine are for sale.