Cables for Richard Gray conditioner


I have a RPG 600 feeding my 2 channel system--amp/transport/processor/subwoofer/electrostatic speakers--have the stock cord in it now. Also have a Porter(thank you Albert)cryo'd outlet at the other end of the chain...

Anybody had experience/provide recomendations for an upgraded power cord for the conditioner?


I just picked up a VH Audio Flavor 4 Gold with the intent of trying it out on all my components to find the best match, including my RGPC 400s mkII. However, it sounds so good on my amp that I will probably just buy another one to try throughout the system. Its the most improvement I have ever heard with a power cord swap.

I have tried a PS Audio Prelude on the 400s with no noticeable improvements.
Richard Grey makes their own power cables which have been reported to be excellent. They were were mentioned in last months TAS. Richard Hardesty said they were the cable that does the least harm in his system. Of course, they're many others at reasonable prices. Who knows what's best. I think you'll have to decide that. I personally use Cardas but am thinking of trying the RG's.
I have a 600s that i use with richard gray's high tension wire pc. it is more transparent/detailed than the stock pc which is pretty good. i'd say about a 5-10% improvement. good with a neutral or warm system. i haven't tried any other pc's with the 600s.

aloha keith
I have 2 Richard Grey 400's linked together. If I plug anything into them, they absolutely ruin the sound. It helps the system when plugged into the same outlet, but NOTHING - not even the turntable should be plugged into these things. They say it takes a LONG time for it to break in. I've had the units for a year, and still nothing can be plugged into them or the sound gets muddy, grainy, and closed up. Use the best power cords you can find - that helps as well. As a matter of fact, use the best power cords you can find on EVERYTHING.
I currently use a RGPC600 w/RGPC for video and RGPC1200 w/Shunyata Anaconda for audio. Both terminate into separate 20amp circuits with Shunyata Venom outlets. I started with the stock PC and then upgraded. For both units, the stock PC is good but an upgraded PC just sweetens the pot.

Your observation apppears to be restricted to your system only.

I have 3 RGPC in paralell with amps and subs plugged in with excellent results.

Incidentially, I am using using an Elrod EPS3 Signature for the main RGPC.
I have a RGPC 400S Mk1 & am using an ESP Essence power to connect to the wall. Only my CDP & TT are connected into the 400S & in my system there doesn't seem to be any damage. FWIW.