Cables for progressive scan

Does progressive scan use its own type of cables or does it work through the normal coax cable?
You need component video cable.

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Progressive scan interconnects are essentially 3 composite video cables that are color coded for easy connection.Do yourself a favor and purchase 3 separate RCA video cables. You should be able to buy a DVD with the money you save.

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Patmatt is correct; its just a matter of convenience. But it is important to use a true 75 ohm cable/RCA not any old rca terminated cable. Don't sell the convenience factor too short however, given the typical spaghetti factory behind most HT rigs.
May i suggest to use Canare 3 channel component video cable. This is one of the greatest secret in high end cables. They are inexpensive and constructed very well.This are true 75 ohm cable from tip to tip. The RCA are also true 75 ohm RCA.Most pros are using this particular cables from Plasma display manufacturers to movie industry. Check it out and you will be surprise.