Cables for Proac Response 2.5

I want to upgrade my Cardas quadlink 5c cables without spending an arm and a leg. I am driving the 2.5's with a Classe' CA-100 amp. Any info would be greatly appreciated, John
I am driving Proac 3.8's with a Classe CA-200. I have two pairs of speaker cables; MIT mh750 bi-wire, and Harmonic-Tech pro 9 bi-wire. The harmonic-tech are far more transparent and detailed. Also deeper soundstage. The MIT deliver a bit more bass and make instruments sound more full.
I find that Audio Tekne is a magical combination for my Proac 2.5, but it is expensive. HT Pro-9 is quite good, perhaps a tad mechanical compared to the fluid Audio Tekne.
I am driving my 2.5 also with MIT mh750 bi-wire S3. had them custom adjusted to make the tails longer so that the filter is flush on the floor. This is a freeby custom job from MIT, whatever the dealer/distrubutor try to tell you !! good match too !
Try Van den Hul's The Revelation! A very good match, although quite expensive.