Cables for Paradigm Studio 100 + Amp

I currently have some Paradigm Studio 100v.2's being powerd by my Denon 3802 and connected with some Audioquest CV-4, and it's definitly time to upgrade. I'm looking at new Amp's and Speaker Cable.

I'm thinking of picking up a Bryston 6bst to run the three front speakers (100's and a Studio CC) and to let the Denon continue to power the rears (Studio ADP) for now. Give a Bryston Amp, what cable would you recommend? I've also thought about Rotel's 200x5 amp, what about for that?

I've considered Analysis Plus Oval 9 or 12, Kimber 8tc, and Transparent. The sales guy I talked to about Transparent said kimber 8tc, with those speakers and amp, would make things too bright, though he was trying to sell me a competing product.

I also have the V2. I think that the 6B-ST is a very good choice. The 100's need at least 200W of solid state power to really sing. The Denon is gonna do the job for the rears. For the cables, the best thing is to try them in your system and compare when you will have the Bryston at home.
Cardas Crosslink... I would not spend more that that... Also, you can biwire those speakers... Try running 2 lengths of cable. You may like the sound..

Best Regards