Cables for Paradigm ref. 100's?

I'm a newbie at this and have a question about cables. I'm looking for cables that will work for both music and home theater, with music being more important. The choices I'm looking at are: MIT 2 bi., DH labs Q-10 bi., and ZU cbles Wax bi. (10' runs). My equip. currently is Denon 3802, but will be upgraded to either a Rotel RMB 1095/RSP 1066, or Sherbourn, not sure what pre/pro to match with this amp. Currently, I'm using Monster cable. I know this question has come up several times but I'm kinda stuck, any HELP would be much apreciated. Thank You, ChrisRn.
Before I sold my system I used Zu Cable Julians to wire my Paradigm Reference Studio 60s. In my system they were better than the Analysis Plus Oval 12s I tried and the custom wire I used for a couple of years. My recommendation is to go for the Zu Cable Wax bi-wires.
hey - I have not expermiented a lot with cables but did have Kimber PBJs on my paradigm 100.2s but then changed over to MIT T2 biwires and was really impressed with the better soundstage, bass, and tonal balance. Much more expensive but much better too. I have had no desire to swap out my MITs since. All my other interconnects are XLR and RCA MIT T2 also. I use McIntosh separates, Sony ES player and tuner.
Aball, i can imagine that the MIT's produced a LOT more bass with a fuller tonal balance than the Kimber PBJ's. After all, the PBJ's are interconnects and might be a bit "lean sounding" as speaker cables. OOPS : )

Did you mean Kimber 4PR ? Sean
I have a pair of Stuido 60s and I use Virtual Dynamics cable. I started out with the Audition line, but soon upgraded to the Signature line. They blow away any other speaker cable I have tried. Do yourself a favor and try them.
Sean - All my cables were Kimber before going to MIT, including interconnects and i don't really remember the models except that I definately had PBJs somewhere in the system. 4PR does not sound right but perhaps they were. Arthur