Cables For OHM Speakers

I have the new series Ohm Walsh 2000 series. Using signal cable. What kinds of cables mate well with the Ohm speaker line up.. I should add very affordable. Audio Art is on my short list. I have a tube pre and SS amp/250wpc.
Auricle Audio is also on the short list. Price cant be beat.
Have you tried reaching out to Ohm Acoustics and Jon Stohbeen? He could probably lead you in the right direction. I can tell you what not to use. I have a pair of vintage Ohm Walsh 2s that I used a set of Acoustic Research clearance 12AWG speaker wire from Parts Exp and man the highs were harsh. The amp I was using was a Phase Linear 700B @ the time. I may try some Blue Jeans Cable Belden wire next. Good Luck
I have sold Ohms in the past and my current #1 speakers are omnidirectional Mirage OMD-15s, so I'm very familiar with the tonal balance, dispersion pattern, and imaging of omni's like yours. I just put in new speaker cables--the Zu Cable Libtecs, and they are WONDERFUL! They are 11 gauge, yet are a little less than 1/2" in diameter. They use a proprietary winding that retains the phase relationships as evidenced by stronger bass, bigger, fuller soundstage and better imaging. Granted, the list price is $1199/pair, but Zu's promotional dep't puts a few pairs out on eBay with a starting bid of $1 to stir up some word of mouth. The $1200 Libtecs typically go for $250-300 there.

To keep it inexpensive watch eBay for are the Zu Wax speaker cables. They list at $599 but typically auction at $125-150/10' pair on eBay from Zupromos. They are brand new with Zu's normal 60-day trial/return policy.