Cables for Nu-Vista, Marantz SA-14 & Confidence 5

I've been tweaking, swapping and moving around my gear recently and I'm hoping to get some good recommendations on cables (speaker, power and interconnects). My system currently consists of a Musical Fidelity Nu-vista M3 integrated amp, Marantz SA-14 CD player, Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers, and a Audio Magic Stealth power conditioner. I'm also open to DIY but please only share if you use DIY yourself. I'd like to keep the cost to $500 or less for each set of cables.

I liked the match of cardas neutral reference speaker cables with confidence 3's. FWIW.
I have the SA14.

I have found that there is very little (if any) difference when I tried a variety of power cables. I would spend money there last.