Cables for my system ASL AQ1003DT + Triangle Helia

Looking for cable suggestions. I’m a total noob at this, first serious audio system. I have the following: Antique Audio Sounds AQ1003 DT 30 Watt tube integrated amp, Triangle Heliade ES Speakers, Music Hall MM 25.2 CD Player, Rega P1 Turntable, Music Hall PA1.2 Phono Preamp. I’m assuming I just need entry level cables, and right now I’m thinking Canare (11 or 13 gauge speaker and L-5CFB interconnect).

I know some might advise that I'll probably upgrade my setup but I seriously doubt it (for a variety of reasons, the big one being that it would be seriously draining for my obsessive nature to become involved in yet another gear chase). So, I don’t want to go looking for better cables in a year. I wanted a relatively inexpensive system, built with value and bang for the buck in mind, but I also wanted appropriate components. If the Canare will get my “cheap” system sounding as good as it can, then I’ll be satisfied. Can I do better than the Canare for what I have? I’ve seen some Kimber Cable go for 1.5x to 2x Canare.
I agree with you on keeping the cable cheap. The one you are interested in will do. Mogami is another less expensive brand that is a great professional brand.
A nice cheap but better cable is the Kimber PBJ. It can be had used, you just have to be on the watch, because it will sell as fast as it is put up for sale.
For someone new, avoid the flock of 'try XXX cable it is wonderful'. Stick with a VERY well know brand if you venture beyond the one you have picked.
Good luck
Thanks for the advice, much appreciated
Canare 4s11 is very good. I could live with them for a long time.
PNF for ICs would be a great budget cable.