Cables for my Paradigm studios

Entering in the world of mid-fi!. My equipment is

Paradigm Studio 20 v4 (front and rear)
Paradigm CC350 (center)
Velodyne sub
Anthem AVM 40 processor
Parasound HCA-1205A

Iam currently using Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects and Audioquest Type-8 speaker cables. Iam looking to upgrade my front speaker cables. Following are my options
- Analysis Plus Oval 9
- PS Audio Xstream
- Audioquest bedrock

Will any of the above cables suit my gear. But Iam also considering (though over my budget!),
- Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8

Looking for audiophiles' suggestions on selecting the right cable. Let me enjoy the beauty of music too...
I tried several speaker cables with my Paradigms and always returned to Canare 4S11.I can't say if you will like them,you're the only one that can make that call.Good luck.
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For the money or not, the Speltz anticables sound incredible. If they cost 1000.00, I still bet you'd be hard pressed to find a more transparent, dynamic sound with no drawbacks soundwise. They just don't look very impressive. I had Harmonic Technology Pro 9+ cables that were broken in and broken in a second time for a solid week that replaced the anticables and even after several days listening, my only thought was, I'm missing the pleasure I once had--better clarity,dynamics,transparent, see through like cleaning your windows. By the way, those 1" diameter HT cables were over 1200.00 and very highly reviewed. They are now sold. The anti's were 80.00 and also very highly reviewed. Personally, I don't care what something looks like, if it sounds good, that's for me. Give them a try and smile at your checkbook. I own VMPS ribbon speakers with a very revealing system. Absolute Sound actually got this one right at their highest recommendation for the last 4 years.
Thanks guys. Not meant to deviate from the topic, Ericjcabrera, what model of B&W are they.
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Any more suggestions??, unable to decide on the cable yet!.