Cables for Musical Fidelity A308 set up

Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good quality interconnect & speaker cable. l have the MF A308 Integrated amp & CD player & Dynaudio 1.3se.
lve read posts that the MF in generally bright , but l didnt find that with my setup??

Any suggestions ?? Budget of about $2k
I use Homegrown Audio Silver Lace for IC and speaker (bi-wired). Several months ago I added the A308 cd player. It sounds great in my system (Hovland pre, Marsh amp, B&W N802s)with the Homegrown.
I have the A308 integrated and am very pleased with it. My budget is somewhat limited, but I've found a couple of low cost, high quality cables that made a huge impact. I started with the Analog Two interconnect from Signal Cable ( and found that it was very detailed and open, but a bit too harsh on the upper mid range. I would still recommend it for the price, and use it with my DVD player without fatigue, but not with my Rega Planet and the A308. I read that silver interconnects match well with the A308, so I tried the Solid Silver Mk.2 Interconnect from RS audio ( and I'm really pleased with it. Not even fully broken in, but it provides all of the detail of the copper cable without the fatigue. I also have speaker cables and power cables for my A308 and Planet from Signal Cable. I highly recommend the power cables: they made and immediate and noticable impact and are really affordable. The speaker cable beat the pants off my old monster cable, but my speakers are in need of replacement, so I can't really comment on the those yet. In terms of comparison, I've tried some Tara labs speaker cables and interconnects and found the Signal and RS cables far superior in my price range. Perhaps at a higher price point you could do better....