Cables for Music Streamer II

I'm thinking of buying the HRT Music Streamer II USB DAC, so I can listen to concerts from Internet sites (Wolfgang's Vault, millions of Grateful Dead sites, etc.) My main listening is still vinyl and CD's (see my system), but I want to have some fun with streaming concerts. Without spending more $$$ than the price of the HRT itself ($150), what do you recommend for the USB and analog audio connections ? As an example, I'm thinking of Audioquest Forest USB and Audioquest G-snake analog interconnect.
Thanks a lot, and Happy Listening !
i,m using morrow audio entry level ics and they sound great with the music streamer. i,ve also used kimber pbjs which are good. for usb i,m using the wire world purple colored cable. it says revision 2.0 but i,m not sure of the model. its their lower priced cable and works fine. i also use it with my music fidility vdac.
Belkin gold usb, and Transparent "the link" rca's.
Cheap combo that offers some good performance.
The Music Streamer 2 has been in my system for five days now. As per the advice of Kevin at HRT, I am using a Belkin Gold USB cable. The interconnect is AudioQuest Sidewinder. All I can say is ...."Holy Cow !!!". I never imagined that computer audio can sound this good.
An amazingly high level of musical excellence for a very modest investment. Thank You, HRT. I'm a very happy camper.