Cables for Meadowlark Audio Kestral 2 speakers....

Anybody have experience matching speaker cables with Meadowlark Audio speakers. I am currently awaiting the arrival of a pair of Meadowlark Kestral 2 speakers. My current setup consists of:

Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp
Musical Fidelity A3cr power amp
Arcam DiVa CD72T source
Analysis Plus Oval 12 biwires
Signal Cable Analog 2 interconnects
Soliloquy 5.3s front channel speakers

I am considering moving the Soliloquy 5.3s into my home theater and using the Meadowlark Kestral 2s for dedicated 2 channel in my listening room with the above noted electronics. My listening room is approx. 6(L)x14(W)x10(H).
Any experience/suggestions on speaker cables to match the Kestrals???????

Your speakers (which I own) are easy to drive and easy to like. I've used Signal, Nordost, homemade, Naim. All work/sound great.
Your room is 6' long? is 16' long!
Of the speaker cables I tried with the Kestrel 2s, I liked the biwire (double run) DH Labs Q10 the best. A bit of warmth, good bass, and very smooth highs- was surprised with the Q10's since I had previously used the T14s and found them too bright.

Other biwire cables I tried were Analysis Plus Oval 9 and JPS ultras.
BTW, for all you owners and former owners of Meadowlark Kestral 2s I would be interested to hear your audiophile opinion of the speakers. Thanks.
First let me say that I hope you bought a pair of used "broken in" ones? When I first received them I put them in a 11x11x8H room and they had lesser bass response,bright sounding tweeters,very detailed,good with vocals,and no finicky placement. They started sounding better at 60hrs. of break in, definitely better Bass and thump at 100hrs. I then moved them into a 13W x12H x13L?? room. This room actually only has 3 walls so technically the length is open and much longer. They now have about 140hrs. on them and they sound beautiful on jazz music,instruments,vocals,keb mo, nora jones,etc. Tweeters are finally SWEET sounding,mid range is GREAT, with large musical soundstage. However putting them in this larger "open" room has killed the bass! Actual bass instument sounds somewhat true and natural but NO punch,thump,or boom from other types of music, NONE. If I keep them in this room I think I'll get a subwoofer. Nothing to shake the house or anything, just some thump. BTW, I'm using 8 guage DIY speaker cables with no bi-wiring.
Yes, they are used; in prefect condition with about 300 hours on them (at least according to the seller). For $1200.00 I think I got a good deal on a pair of decent speakers.
$1200 sounds good to me, especially since you don't have to break them in. meadowlark claims break-in of 100-300 hrs. and i've seen reviews that claim around 300 for best sound. Mine sound great and if more hrs. make them sound even better, i'll be really impressed. Enjoy.
I will chime in briefly here. I haven't had personal experience with the K2's - however I have owned both the Osprey and now the Nighthawk from factory > shipping crate > my listening room. Both new and no hours... I can attest both took nearly double the break in hours stated by the manufacturer. I have also heard from another dealer that their pair of Kestral 2's seemed to take forever to break in fully. In my experience I would state give them 500 to 600 hours before making any critical decisions.

Also, to answer your inquiry on cabling. I have been told Audience AU24 as well as Analysis Plus mate well with the Meadowlark speakers.

I personally am using Synergistic Research to great effect.

Good luck with your search.
I am really enjoying the K2s. I can't remember when music sounded so detailed, extended and just vibrant. The review from 6 moons indicated a nice tight, rythmic bass response...not the bass slam you can get from some speakers. My assessment is much the same in terms of the bass response. Point of comparison is both the K2s and Soliloquy 5.3s specify a lower frequency response to 35 hz (both of which I own), and while the 5.3s have the bass slam and weight the K2s are more refined and quick in bass definition with a mid range that is detailed and silky smooth highs. I like both speakers for different applications, but right now am luxuriating in the overall musicality of the K2s. I am trying a B&W ASW600 subwoofer with the K2s to recover the lowest frequencies in more bass heavy music like Bella Fleck and Larry Carlton, etc. So far results are quite promising. Anyone else try a sub with the K2s? BTW I am using Kimber 8TC/4TC biwire with the K2s but would guess that the Analysis Plus would work fine as well.
Just brought home a new pair of Kestral 2 in dark ash. This is a second all tube system that I have put together for well under $4000 consisting of Jolida 100A CD player, Jolida 302B integrated amp (tubes rolled a bit in each component for the better) with Synergistic Alpha One IC and Tara Labs Air 2 speaker cables.

I am listening while I write to Particia Barber's "Nightclub" while drinking a Black Russian. All I can say at this early stage is wow, air, soundstage, the sweetest midrange, great bass and treble extension, excellent dynamic range, that ride cymbal sounds real. I could go on and on but I will write a longer review after these are broken wife keeps looking over at me with great approval. WAF is high here. I haven't even spiked them in yet.

Yikes, could I actually sell my Krell KCT/400cx/Thiel CS6 system??? I'll let you know after I get the courage up to play the remastered Zep 2.

Folks, it's that good. Cody, the Air 2s do just fine with these speakers at 2 meter lengths. Pat McGinty, you are a gentleman, an artist, a visionary and a genius.