Cables for McIntosh Equipment

I know that there is over 3000 post on cables but can not find what I am looking for.

I would like to hear from McIntosh users (no offence others)
Looking for your expertise on cables that have performed well with in your system- interconnects, digital, power cords, etc.

My current set up is:
1. McIntosh MC 207 power (AU 24 XLRs for main channels and RCA remaining)
2. McIntosh MX 119 pre amp
3. McIntosh MVP 851 (for DVD video only) with Stereovox digital and Monster Component Video Cables
4. Esoteric DV 50S for all two channel CD, SACD and DVD-A using Au 24 XLR’s
All power cords are Shunyata Python VX and one Taipan VX on a Hydra 2
Two dedicate and isolated grounded 20 amp outlets and a a 15 amp that is not isolated

Also any recommendations would love to hear also.
hello I own a gaggle of Mcintosh gear, right now I am using ,modest interconnects. Linn and some inexpensive monster...I am getting fine results, not so sold on expensive interconnects yet, have tried a few, nordost...not much difference in sound, big difference in price,BUT I am always willing to listen.
I own McIntosh gear and have excellent results with the Kimber Select and when a change is coming on Cardas Golden Reference goes in the system. Both are highly recommended.

happy listening
I do not own McIntosh. However, last summer when I was looking at new cables, I was at a dealer and heard Kubala-Sosna's cables on an all McIntosh system.

I was very impressed with what I was hearing and ultimately decided to give these cables a try in my system.

I auditioned and kept their "Fascination" series speaker cables and interconnects. Very recently, I took delviery of their PC's.

Introducing these cables into my system made the single most improvement in comparrison to any single component upgrade that I ever made.

They offer a fabulous return policy for an in home audition (which I highly recommend.)

I am a retail customer of these and have no connection to the manufacturer or any dealer. I just cannot say enough about these cables!
Vx700 - I am going towards an all McIntosh system, and am curious of other McIntosh owners thoughts too.
MIT 350 shotgun EVO, 330 shotgun, and Magnum M2 speaker cables, very happy. How about aftermarket PC's? Currently using stock with MC501's. Tried SR master, did not like.
Barrelchief brought up an interesting set of cables that were just reveiwed in last months isuue of Stereophile the Kubala-Sosna's. They gave them a good review, has any McIntosh owners tried them?

Hay Pops what Mc equipment are you using with the MIT's?
I tried numerous cables with my McIntosh and like MIT the best as well. I currently use (now discontinued) Terminator 2 thoughout my whole system. Arthur
Vx700 - using the new MC501 monoblocks, driving Thiel 3.6. Preamp is CJ premier 14, digital front is Meridian 200/263. Using SR masters on the digital frontend, works very nicely, this old Meridian combo has a nice analog warmness to it with perfect detail. But the SR masters signficantly brighten up the presentation on the amps, so having not tried other brands am using the stock pc's on the big Mac's. The MIT's are outstanding in the system, plenty of detail, warm with an open top end. The best quality they bring are an amazing presence, you are there feel.

I would like to thank the few that answered this forum. I have had few e mail conversations with Barrelchief and have decided to check out the Kubala-Sosna line. As it turns out there is quite a large McIntosh dealer whom has these in a # of there systems. I will post my impressions after I have had a chance to try them out. I will be using the Fascination Line of sepaker cables, balance interconnects and pwoer cords.
I have McIntosh.. Try BEL the Wire. I've had several kinds in and BEL is the smoothest I have found.
I use the Cable Research Labs bronze bundle. It's inexpenive and works really well with Mcintosh gear. I tried XLO, Nordost, Cardas, LFD and Kimber on my system and settled on the CRL bundle. Cardas Golde Reference would have been my next choice.
I'm using Analysis plus with great results. IC's and speaker cables.
hi, I saw you mentioned using analysis plus. I have been trying a few different cables and find them all similar(morrow,kimber,etc), nothing is a major breakthrough. Do you feel the analysis plus is extraodinary? Have you compared them with many others? WHAT equiptment/MAC do you use?which Analysis plus products you use? I was told the cheaper blue oval line is excellent for the $, but I cant audition them without buying them. Would appreciate any response on these matters.Im getting tired of wasting time and moneyfor small changes
i personally hated AP speaker cables on my 501s. couldn't get rid of them fast enough.

speaker cables i did like: isoclean, prana and kubala sosna. plenty of choices.

power cords: stage 3 concepts do the job nicely.
I have a McIntosh C220 preamp/MC402 power amp driving Magnepan MG1.6 speakers, with a Bluenote Stibbert CD player. Tried various combinations of cables and interconnects over a year, and then, I used MIT CVT Terminator 2 right through (source-pre, balanced; pre-to-power, balanced; single wire to the speakers). That settled it for me once and for all! To think I never used to like MIT cables in the past ... I used Furutech power cords on the pre and power.

Another good single-brand system would be the Excalibur II from Audio Magic.
Ive tried lots of cables and found MIT to work best in my Mac powered system.I suggest using "all" MIT cables if you go that route as a mix-em-up approach doesnt seem to get the best results,IMO
Extraondinary? I think not. After spending who knows how much on cables, I'm convinced your talking the smallest marginal differences from $100 pair to an $800 pair.
Four years ago I went into a audio store here in Maryland
after spending almost a thousand dollars on a pair of Audioguest Gibraaltar cables. Chest puffed out, I accepted his challanged to bring them in and compare them against his $5 a foot clear 10awg cable. What a mistake, to this day I never forgave myself.
I suppose if you have spent in the area of 25-40 thousand
dollars on gear maybe the difference is alittle more pronounced. But if you've spent say 8 thousand like me: Mcintosh ma6500, Consonance source and Harbeth speakers
then look for something very neutral. Analysis Plus clear cables and their Oval one IC's are simple very neutral and natural sounding. Once I figured this out, guess what, I started listening to music instead of the constant quest for the extra iota of something.
One last point, I called Mcintosh regarding upgrading their stock power cable to something that might improve the sound. You know what he said? Simply, 14awg 3C. Belive me don't you think Mcintosh would just add a couple hundred to their price and include another cable if there was benefit? Who would know or care if Mcintosh added $200
to their pricing.
I can truly say finally I'm at a acceptable level of ecstasy.
I am using XLO Reference 3 balanced interconnects (purple/green/white braided) between simaudio Supernova CD and Mac c2300 pre amp. I am using the same between c2300 pre and mc501 monos. Good results--quiet noise floor.
I am using Gabriel Gold Revelation MK2 ICs and Gabriel Gold Extreme speaker cable with my McIntosh MC275 and am quite very happy. My speakers have a tendency to sound a bit bright and the Mac with NOS Telefunkens can be a bit too etched at higher frequencies. The Gabriel Golds seem to be the best cable I have tried with great frequency extension and dynamics but no upper mid-range harshness. That said, I have not tried the really, really high-end brands and have avoided MIT because I cannot fathom spending more on IC's than I spent on my amp...
I have a simualar system w/MC206, MX118, Meridian CD & Thiels. Speakers I have found nothing better sounding than Monster M1, componets I use Kimber Kable Sky & PBJ