Cables for MC501 & b&w 802d ?

I got this combination of mcintosh 501 monoblocks and b&w 802d and I'm currently looking for some better cables.

Right now I use nordost tyr, but I think they sound too bright with my combo. I have also tried some other cables called black magic, but then the sound was too round and boring. So I'm probably looking for a cable that sounds a little like nordost, only darker and less sharp.

Any suggestions? :/
Try experimenting in the Nordost line.
Anyone tried transparent cables on this combo?
This combination is very good with Harmonic Technology cables. I am using MAC and B&W 801's with this combo and I have tried several other cables with inferior results. The PRO 9's give this combo a fullness and dimensionality that other cables lack. Good luck!
I use Kimber Select with McIntosh and B&W's and have great sound.