Cables for Mc1502/Focal Sopra 2/Linn Selekt

I have the following components in my system right now: McIntosh Mc1502, Linn Selekt with Katalyst DAC, and Focal Sopra 2s.

Any advice on what PCs/speaker cables and XLR Interconnects I should use?

Budget wise, <$1,000 for each PC, $1,000 or so for a pair of 1-meter XLR interconnects, and for speaker cable, in the price range of the Wireworld BASIC Eclipse 8 (I need to run a 12 feet pair).

Thanks in advance!
Maybe start with the cheapest?Then if you can audition some it gets easier.(XLRs are pretty hard to get wrong.)

Or step up from “the cheapest“ to BlueJeans or similar.But if you really think that it matters then probably reserve $ for speaker cables??