Cables for Mark Levinson 36S

I just bought a Mark Levinson 36S. I have Kimber KCAG with a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 and Power 3 going into B&W 801 speakers. It does not sound right, I think there is too much weight on the top. I was thinking of changing the 36S over to TARA Labs RSC Master Gen 2. Is this a good choice?What will I have to do with the rest of the cables in the system if I make this change?
Difficult to say. I don't have your set-up, but I had RSCMG2's for 7~8 years. In general, it will soften the top, give a tiny bit of boost to the bottom, loose detail slightly. These all compared in my system (all MLev) with my new cables (SynResDesRef). I think it will be a good and (relatively) cheap trial. The build quality of those wires are very good and they should be readily available on the web as (I think) they are discontinued. What else to change ? I tend to try stuff one-at-a-time. Personally I would suggest that you get the Tara, run it some time, if still unhappy try the next step.
Sorry... I'm back. Another one you might want to try if you want to soften the top is PuristAudioDesign (budget models). I found them quite laid-back and very plesant. Their top of the line models are in a different leauge (and budget).
The Purist recommendation is a good one, but the Levinson deserves one of their top cables. Dominus is very expensive, but Proteus is a very good choice. I would also recommend Cardas Golden Reference, which is a warm, rich cable which still allows a great deal of detail to get through.
Check out the transparent stuff, its very good! The ultra or the reference should work well with your level of equipment.
first off. uy using all diffrent brands of cables throughout your system you will never truly know what sonic character that new cable has to offer. You should recable your entire system. That is the only true way of knowing what the cable does or doesnt do. Transparent work extremly well with levinson gear. I was using them on my levinson system. But then I tried Harmonic techs. And I sold all my transparent Ultras. good luck