Cables for Levinson & B&W 801S3

Have Classe CDP1,ML 380s,ML 332,B&W 801S3. Current cables Transparent speaker super, Kimber KCAG balanced 2 pairs. System is bright,sound is muddy with little detail bass is ok but also lacks detail
Hello, You should try Audioquest Dragon,Clear, or Sterling & Biwire your speakers. The Dragon/Clear combination works excellent for me: ML 23.5 & B&W 801 II/ 801 III.
I have tried tons of cables over the years with 801s3. But none better than Bass Euphoria (sold through for bass driver and Harmonic Tech Pro 11+ for the mids-highs. You will not believe the bass extension, articulation, and speed after burning in for about 48 hours. Substantially better than my former Kimber Monocle XLs. Otherwise I use Magnan Vi balanced interconnects.