Cables for Leben/Devore- Nordost?

A few years ago I transitioned rooms and sold my main system (kept my cables for a while) and downsized to a pair of Devore Nine and Luxman 550AXII and Leben 300x with Frey 2 and some Valhalla cables, I had the QB8 and QX4 regenerator.  It sounded great- really fast, clean, attack, decay, it had energy but never bite (sure some recording were not good).  My kids, wife and I did blind tests all the time, changing this and that, and we could always tell if the QX4 was off, or if an interconnect was changed out- so cable skeptics- I'm not looking for that lesson.  Yes it was the last 15% and it was expensive. 

Now I have an O/93 and CS600 and am considering upgrading cables in the future.  I currently have more generic cables and can "hear" what I am missing- or not hearing.  I can work back toward Nordost but feel like I should ask about other looms.  I always read about Auditorium 23 and Tellurium, but I'm wondering about other options too.  Has anyone heard and of these 3?  Any other ideas?   I'm not opposed to cheaper options, but if you tell me to try the wires you got from your grandfathers pacemaker, please at least be able to compare them to something reasonable. 

Thanks gentlemen!       
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I use A23 cables between my Line Magnetic 805ia and O/96's.  It was a big improvement over Wireworld Eclipse 8's I was using.  I suspect the difference is the twisted copper/silver mix in the A23's compared to straight 9 gauge copper in the Wireworld.  The Wireworld cables produced a warmer more relaxed sound while there is a sense of immediacy and detail in the A23.  While I have not used TQ speaker cables I do have many of their ICs.  Knowing their "house sound" I think you will find the A23 cables to produce a more impactful sound paired between the tubes and Devores.
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Thanks guys. 

@Three_easy_payments, I like what you say about immediacy and I understand what you are saying.  That's something I always look for so I appreciate your thoughts. I also have some experience with WW.  Can you toss a word of two about the TQ house sound?  I don't see much online about these.  What PC are you using on the LM?
@Tvad, Nice mix of gear! I took some time away from this page years ago and came back and didn't see you posting for a while.  I will look at Grover (never heard of them). The 60 day policy is nice.  It always generates good-will, even if people don't decide to keep the product.  

Get PURIST much better and a great company over 25 years old.HELLO!!
Ebm I tried Purist Aqueous cables many years ago and really liked them.  I'll have a look or listen, good thought.   
I can't say enough good things about Silversmith Audio Fidelium cables. I currently have them on my Pass Labs INT 250 and GoldenEar Triton Reference. I was using Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Alive and heard an immediate and decidely better sound with the Fidelium. He offers a 30 day trail.
David, I took a closer look and found a great review and some positive threads on the Fidelium.  How long have you had these in your system?  Did you notice the soundstage layering to be better?  The Nordost were capable of great natural transient attack and decay and I assume these have this in spades? 
It has only been a few weeks now with the Fideliums. I am still very, very pleased. The soundstage is wide and deep. The only comparison I have is the SR Atmosphere X cables I replaced. Those sounded great but so much better now. My music ranges from acoustic singer songwriter to progressive rock on redbook cd. No classical or jazz or pop and no vinyl. I normally listen at the mid 70's dbs.
I have Tyr 2 XLR's (5.1 channel system) and Valhalla 2 speaker and reference jumpers (front left/right). Nordost is amazing. Definitely my cup of Tea. Pure, musically satisfying with a delightfully layered and detailed musical presentation. 

Since you liked your originals why don't you audition sets of the new series?
I use A23 between my Antelope Zodiac Platinum and Wavac Ec300b as well as A23 speaker cable to my Duevel Bella Lunas. I use Nordost Valhalla power cables on both units but find the A23 signal cables nimbler and more transparent, especially with reasonably high efficiency speakers.
I bought a Leben preamp from Pitchperfect and Matt was dealing and using auditorium in his dealership.  He had Shindo, Leben, and Line Magnetic as the primary line and auditorium was his connection of choice.

It was more than I wanted to spend and I ended up with Triode Wire Labs and am extremely happy with the result.  They are used usually in conjunction with Border Patrol (tubes) and Volti audio speakers.  Triode offers a try it before you buy it so you can see if it will sing in your setup and I have returned some Triode so know from first hand experience that there will be no issue or problem if you do decide to pass. I use Triode power cables , phono cables, and interconnects and am gradually going the loom route with Triode.  I have not tried or used their speaker wires and still use and greatly enjoy my anti-cables speaker cables with my stats.  I have used generic, Zu, and another speaker cable that can't remember and the anti-cables work with my stats best.  I have both horns and stats and plan on Triode Wire lab speaker cables for at least the Horn system and then shoot em out with the Anti's and see what happens.

I think if you got ahold of Auditorium and Triode Wire Labs and did your own comparison you will be playing in the right ballpark.  I sure would be interested in what you prefer and why.

Happy Listening.

I own Leben and tried Auditorium and Tellurium (Silver + Black). Shockingly bad.

Then I stepped up to Furutech DSS and a DPS for power. Completely amazing. So far out of the league of those other brands on imaging, transparency, and resolution. Plenty of reviews of DSS/DPS out there that agree. Enjoy!