cables for Lavardin/ Living Voice combo ??

Just changed up my speakers to Living Voice IBX-R2. Amp is Lavardin IS Reference. I have Audience Au-24 IC and Speaker cables. Cd player is Resolution Audio Opus 21.

I'm finding the sound is less forward and more bass heavy than I would like. I'm looking to regain some air and sound stage that I had with my previous Reference 3a Decapo I speakers. I'm sure speakers placement has an effect I'm not happy yet with the overall sound.

Does anyone have any suggestions on cabling which might be well paired to the above equipment? I know there are many out there with the Living Voice/Lavardin set ups.

I was thinking of trying something from Synergistic Research or Acoustic Zen. Yours suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I'm looking to regain some air and sound stage that I had
The Nordost Frey's just gave me that Although I have different equiptment. I also loaned some Nordost cables (Baldurs and heimdalls) to my Brother in law and he said there was a lot more 'air between the instruments and vocals with the heimdalls over the baldurs. He did mention that with his turntable the soundstage shrunk but with his cdp the soundstage was larger on his system. His current cable is the new kimber 8tc. I would demo some heimdalls or better if you have the chance.
DNM cables are great and easy to use.
get the lavardin cables,especially if you plan to keep theamp for a long time.

the lavardin cables seems to bring the best in the excellent amp IME....great system you've got.
As you stated, I am pretty sure that you are experiencing placement problems. Try to position the speakers at the same or greater width than the distance between you and the speakers. And at least 18 inches from the side walls, more is better. Living voice tells to toe them so that the tweeter axis cross just before your listening position.

Don't switch cable or anything before beeing done with placement. Those living voice speakers are a little tricky about placement unless you have a large room. In that case, set them wide apart and you are pretty much done.

Please report back.
Well, I have this set up in a small room. 12' x 10' with the speakers on the short wall. 18" from the rear and 15" from the sides. Speakers are toed in quite heavily so that the sound crosses just in front of the listening position as LV suggests.

Seating is on a fabric couch on the back wall. Canvas artwork on front and rear walls with covered picture window on the left. Rug on the floor and full bookcase on the right wall make up the contents. If I brought the speakers any further out into the room they would interfere with the damn closet. OK, too much info.

I suppose I should at least try different positions even if they will not be permanent.
Hi Bshapperd,

Then you could try to move them closer together and/or put some kind of damping on the wall just behind the speakers. Then play with the toe (probably less toe out since you I ended (after almost a year) by putting some damping material on the side wall.

You can also take a look at some setup in small rooms.

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I would also consider sending an email with a picture of you setup to Kevin of living voice He is very, very willing to help customers getting the most of their systems. Sure he cannot appreciate your system with a picture but he can give you some clues about placement.
emailing Kevin is a good idea. The space is pretty small. check out the alan maher web site for some nifty speaker placement tips (maher modified cardas set-up). 18" is probably too close to the rear wall...bring out in 1/2 increments until to get close to where you want the sound to be (bass vs. depth) , then smaller adjustments from there. The further out the deeper the stage vs. the closer to back wall the greater/muddier the bass...mine are around 4.5 ft from back wall (huge room).
Yes indeed, moving the speakers in slightly brought a more cohesive soundstage. I put in my old power conditioner a few days ago and the old beast has done wonders to the sound. I am slowly regaining my audio satisfaction. I'll try further to position the speakers, but I'm limited to space.

Cheers guys!