cables for kharma????

I have a pair of grand ceramique with the joule vzn 100 amps- what cables would you recommend ???- thanks
I only have the Ceramique 1.0 with a SS amp but I have found the Purist Audio Design Venustus to work extremely well. If I could afford the Dominus I would buy that, but for now I am very happy with the Purist Venustus/Kharma combination.

They do things that my former system could not, like seperating multiple vocals. I was listening the the Bob Dylan tribute concert last night. In one of the tracks Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Roseanne Cash were taking turns singing a verse. That was the first time I heard three distinct voices coming from three different places in the soundstage. It was long irritated me that multiple vocalists sound like they are all standing in the same place and singing into the same microphone. My system is now able to resolve those distinctions.

Musical timbres are more natural than what I heard even with the Kharma speakers, but lesser Purist cables.

I have to admit that I have gone to a purist only system though. I have yet to own a system in which they did not shine. Purist seems to add life to the music.
I also have the 1.0 Kharmas with Thor tube monos and linestage and love the Ridge Street Audio "Poiema" line. I haven't tried many others ,but don't feel a need to....
try jena labs (chambers audio) or Kharma's own brand of cables
kharma cables are made to work with kharma spaekers so use them or it least try them.
Jenna labs work on my 3.2's great. I highly recommend.