Cables for JM Renaud Trente's

I need to get some good sounding cables for these speakers other than the JMR HP216A. I simply can't afford them at this point in time. Anybody have any ideas for a good but inexpensive cable? Thanks and Happy New Year to ya'all!
I had good results with AZ Hologram on my Trentes, Satori is cheaper yet and very similar.
Disclaimer: I'm a JMR and Supra dealer.

I have had good results with the $5/foot biwire Supra 4x4 and Audioquest type 4. I find that more gentle coppery cables can sweeten the speakers sound more than I would like. I show the Trente's with the $950 Supra Sword and consider that my highest performance match for them. They really aren't that picky about cables so you can go far with something less expensive.

I've only found issue when I use them with a sweet sounding copper cables with sweet tube amps like the Cary's. throwing in some silver Demoude ic's rebalanced the system.

I don't notice a much of a jump in performance when I biwire them. I have not done exhaustive tests but have a/b compared using both Supra Sword and 4x4.