Cables for Jeff Rowland / mbl system

Looking to use one brand of cables throughout my system. My choices are:

Wireworld gold eclipse 5.2's
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 or Silver Oval
Audience 24e through-out
Zu's Ibis and Varial and keep my mother PC's

I listen to jazz, blues, folk, classical, some new age and a little pop.
Love a great kick drum, resolution, seductive female vocals and great sound staging.
I don't have the ability in northern Michigan to hear all of these wonderful cables so I am seeking thoughts from those who have.

My current system consists of the following cables:
Zu mother PC's - Audience aRp 1's, aRp6 and Shunyata Andromeda series I speaker cable biwired - Golden Dragon XLR I/C's -

Rest of system;
Jeff Rowland 9t's and Coherence II
mbl 101D's

Any thoughts are always appreciated!!!
Having taken a long trip down the exotic/expensive cable road, I have a recommendation that you probably won't consider, only because they aren't either expensive or exotic, but if you wnat a sanity check-

Clear Day Cables solid core silver double shotgun with bananas and Tek Line Cables "The Reference" power cords.

Both companies offer 30 day money back.
For the money ($600 or so) I fully agree with Tweak1 particualrly on Clear Day cables

For performance "sky is the limit" - new Elrod Gold or Silver (whgichever you can afford) line.

All The Best
Kubala-sosna entry level...You have the ability to upgrade through the line if you wish and the cables have neutral capabilities in all forms of music that you listen to...
I have Rowland 7M monos, 312, Capri. Brands of wiring that I have enjoyed with Rowland are Cardas, Analysis Plus, Shunyata. G.
Inside your 9t's are Cardas cables. My friends owns Model 8 and a complete Cardas cabling, is has a real good Performance with his ML's.