Cables for interconnect and speakers?

ideas as to what you like in the above subject? I have had very little experience with this subject, and understand that you can run the gamut. For an audio system with a good tube amplifier, turntable, speakers----total value approx 30,000 dollars--what moves you, and why?
I had a very pure crisp "high definition" preamp (ARC) with tons of gain. I wanted a warmer sound going into my tube amps (Opera) which were already doing some of the taming down I wanted so I chose Cardas Golden Refs between the pre and my tubed mono blocks. Excellent choice if I do say so myself. I wanted a good copper cable for speaker cables and stumbled upon the Jena labs trio braid for sale. I had always admired them so I bought them without really knowing what impact they would have. As it turns out they are fairly neutral and convey detail nicely I am very pleased. I had no specific motivation but wanted to stay with high caliber (quality) copper.
I am firmly in the "if your gonna spend a bundle, spend it on the equipment, not cables" crowd (Is it a crowd? I seem to be the only one?)
So I have a $30,000 pile. Magnepan 3.6 speakers, Bryston 4B-SST2 amp, Bryston BP-26 preamp, Bryston Phono, Furman REF20i conditioner, Rega P5 with Benz Glider, Kuzma Stab/Stogi with Dynavector 17D3, pile of digital stuff. So I AM right in the $30,000 ballpark.
Kimber Cable. 8TC dual runs, and Mostly Kimber Hero for the interconnects, though I own some used Kimber KCAG from back when they cost less. I have other cables around, like a few Nordost Blue Heaven, and one Cardas.
For power cords I use all Pangea, a good value, and I am not gonna upgrade from them.
Anyway, nothing too expensive.
Like I wrote, if I wanted to spend more money, i would have purchased better equipment, INSTEAD of high priced cables.
But that is just me.
Yes, Elizabeth, it's just you. You have no idea what your system is capable of. Besides, I remember you said you'd bought the Brystons mostly because of the warranty, and also to have two tables instead of one of a much higher level is an interesting idea.
Inna. I bought the Bryston because they sound good. I auditioned them together with the Maggies with my own recordings carefully on two separate occasions for several hours each time. The warranty was an additional consideration. The other amp I considered was a Classe'. The Parasound Jc1 were too expensive, and likewise the ARC REF 3 used would have been a thousand plus or more used than the new Bryston, and then i could not leave it on all the time. Also i would have purchased the ARC with no audition.. and no warranty same for the Parasound, no audition and twice the price (i also could have purchsed the Classe' but again no audition available.)
The two TTs is just me. I do prefer owning two. and i don't think i could cope with damaging a more than a thou' cart. i would go hang myself if I destroyed a two grand cart. A thousand I can live with, especially as i have another right there.
As for the spending more on cables.. well if i blew more on them, then I would NOT HAVE the stuff I do have.
I stick by my assertion, that spending a LOT on cables is folly. One should spend the money on better electronics.
(Spending a reasonable amout on cables is OK. Like the cables I own. respectable, decent stuff)
If i had a Gazillion bucks, i would buy better cables for my MBL/Top of the line Audio research setup ($250, stuff)
I didn't say $2k cartridge, I said much better table. And much better cables. You just deprive yourself of the best sound your system is capable of. That's all.
FWIW I did buy another preamp an AE-3 for less than the Cardas and it made the whole system click, nirvana.
Stealth wonderful cables at all price points.
Of what I heard Purist Audio cables do it right for me. I am not familiar with Stealth Audio, but Stealth and Jorma are supposed to be among the very best too.
I was a Purist fan also. I just replaced my Proteus with a 325.00 pair of Q-Cables. I now have my Proteus for sale.
The Q's convinced me that they were superior cables almost immediately.
I think it's not what moves us but what moves you that matters. I can't think of any audio product that you don't want to by "by the label" more so than cables. If you're in the USA I strongly recommend getting in touch with The Cable Company and trying cables in your system , going any other way is gonna be a waste of your time and money.
I'm not that well versed when it comes to cables but I went from an all Supra cabling, except for the PC to all Zu Mission cabling when they had the sale before the end of last year. The level of improvement was better than I had thought it would be. Much better. For the price it was a steal. At their current prices, I wouldn't have entertained the thought of buying them. Silly me.

The benefits of better cabling are demonstrable but just where one limits one's spending lies the rub. One of the Zu guys used to work for Kimber so he knows what he's doing. One of Zu's earlier designs was compared to a $5000+ Stealth IC by Srajan when he was at Positive Feedback Online and he thought it came within 'spitting distance' of the Stealth and was its equal on some measures. I wouldn't know 'cause I'd never fork over that kind of money on some wires. But there are some makes out there that will truly transform, or at least complete your system. You just have to be patient. Some makes allow in home trials, which is a good thing since by the time you get them, they're practically, if not already, broken in.

I wish you the best.