cables for home theater - how good??

I need a pair of 25' runs from my Sim titan to my big Kharmas- For video how good a pair of cables do I need- I am running Kharma Enigma for audio BUT for a 25' run WHOW!!!!- any rec. would be appreciated-Lexicon mc12 to Sim titan to kharma grand ceramiques- thanks
would suggest art audio cables ic-3....they perform way out of their price range and are available for audition.
I second the Art Audio. I use them in my HT ssytem. They are great IC-3.

Are you looking for a Composite/Component video cable?

The best and cheapest solution is to buy 25 foot high grade Quad Shield RG6 coax satellite cable. Belden or some other good brand.

Ram Electronics will sell you 25 feet Belden Coax with RCA's or any connector you want. RCA's are $25 for 25 feet. The link is below.. It works a lot better than you might think. They work good as audio cables also.

See Ram link click here..

I second the Ram Electronics cable. I'm using a 40 foot component run of theirs for my projector and it works great.