cables for Harbeth shl5

Hi all
I know that Alan Shaw Hrbeth designer doesn't put much weight on cables but anyway - any speaker cable that you can recommend for best results between my soon to arrive Harbeth SHL5 and Pass Labs amps ? Thanks
DNM, Naim, Linn, Nordost, Crimson
I used Synergistic Research, Tesla accelerator cables between my Harbeth SHL5's and my tube amps with great success. A/B testing since then has always proved, in my system, that these cables really do it for me.
If you are in the USA then the only logical thing is to try ouit various cables ie The Cable Company anything else is really just a crap shoot
I own the C7's and have played around with Cardas, Purist Audio, Audience and finally settled on Kubala Sosna Fascination. Great Match.
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Hi, I prefer HiDiamond cables from Italy and this why;
Most people just keep changing equipment but never solve their cable issues. My views on cables are real simple; 99.999% of cables are pure scam with a nice sleeve. We have been blind testing cables for over 30 years with a 20 point (4 areas worth 5 points each) scoring system among 5 guys and a 6th person swapping the cables out. We are not allowed to talk to each other during the test or be in the listening room unless it is your turn to evaluate the cables and we are not allowed to see any cables being tested, HiDiamond cables from Italy are the only cables to score a perfect 100 point score (that is 5 different people giving the cable a perfect 20). When we hook up HiDiamond cables there is a very clear distinction between the HiDiamond clarity versus any other manufacture but really it is the phase coherency or musical flow that separates HiDiamond cables from all the pretenders. We have tested all other cables mentioned in this thread and all cables tested well but were not close to the HiDiamond cables. Please remember this is still just 6 different guys opinions but we have tested over 400 different brands.

99.999% of all cables are pure bs, but these are not. OK, good enough for me. 6 guys can't be wrong. Where can these be purchased?

Can you elaborate on your listening tests - which cables did the hidiamond beat ? (ICs and speaker cables) thanks
We bought our cables directly from the manufacturer about 2 years ago.
I am not sure how much more info I can give you on the blind testing because I think I was very clear on how we do our testing. We have tested over 400 different brands and normally have our top 10 brands on hand at all times. We do introduce new brands about every 2 months but truthfully the top 10 brands are very good. I really don’t want to trash other brands or ever pretend that my opinion is correct; so I will say most of our testing has been preformed against name recognition brands. We found there were good and bad things about all the brands except HiDiamond which had no negatives and scored perfect scores with several of their cables.
We have been blind testing cables for over 30 years

Who is we, are you a testing company or just a bunch of drunks that change cables for fun? Over 400 brands,huh? Who buys these cables?
We are just like everyone else that enjoys audio, we are only interested in the truth when it comes to audio and especially cables. Our goal has always been the same; reproduce the artist as close to recording studio production as possible. We are not drunks and never have a drink during our testing but we definitely have a drink as friends at our cottage; not really sure if that really matters. We always try to buy direct off the manufacturer when possible but when this is not possible we have several high end stores we deal with. 400 different brands over 30 years is really not that much.
As I said before this is my way of determining a great cable but I still respect everyone’s opinion.
atlas titan interconnects,atlas hyper 2.0 speaker cable from UK
Drubin, I can tell you there have been less than 10 cable manufacturers that we have tested that create emotion in a system like the current cables I use but none create the emotion and live detail like HiDiamond. I am not sure if this makes me bad for having an opinion but it is still my opinion. I would be interested to know what cables work for you and I would never disrespect your opinion.