Cables for Hales, Classe, & Wadia

Does anyone have any cable recommendations for this combo? I have Hales Rev. 3's,a Classe CA-301, and a Wadia 861b with Statement level/SE upgrade from GNSC.
I have a Classe 301 , very happy with Ridge Street Poemia,s.
Also Stealth PGS is not a bad second choice for an XLR.
Hales have Cardas internal wireing so Cardas is what I'm using and I am quite happy.
2nd the cardas recommendation. years ago, I had a Wadia, classe amp and hales. All cardas golden cross. I might try the golden reference if I had the same setup today.

Fyi, it's a great setup you have! Be sure to use power cords as well on both the Wadia and classe...
Careful, I like Cardas Cables but the Golden Cross and Golden Reference are completely different cables with some preferring the Golden Cross.