Cables for Focal 1008be2

I’m looking to upgrade my speaker cables for my new Focal 1008be2’s
Right now I have WireWizard Spellbinder by Nordst, running from my Yaqin 100b (KT88 push pull)
Looking for something different maybe a bit more resolving but not bright.
I have Morrow audio interconnects, I like them and was thinking about their sp4 cables.
Any suggestions? I’d like to stay around $500 for a 15-16 foot run.
Thanks in advance.


Douglas Connection 9 awg speaker cables might do nicely.  You should be able to get into a 15 foot pair for around $310.  I have heard Douglas cables with tube amplification and it sounded great, in that they have great highs, but not edgy or bright sounding.  Bass impact is really good.

I had Morrow SP2 speaker cables in my solid state home system for years, but I recently went with different cables and it was a huge difference. 
I own Focal speakers, and recommend a good all copper wire.  I use a Jena lab braid on the small side I picked  up used.  I like them, but I think you would be even happier if you could find some used Cardas cables, except the clear or whatever they were marketing as an alternative to their warm and lush "golden" cables.  If you can't find the speaker cables get the interconnects, you'll be happy with the result.  I was really pleased.

an all-copper wire as well. Happy Listening!
First off, great choice on the Focal speakers - they make an excellent product. If you're looking for a good set of speaker cables to connect them, AudioQuest's Rocket 33 is a very solid cable that's right in your target budget with a retail price of $431 for a 16ft pair. Give them a look:

Pure copper seems to work well. I can wholeheartedly recommend Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8 speaker cables - I have Focal Utopia Diablo's, so not so far from the sound of your 1008's.  Paired with my Devialet I'm closer to ideal than anything I've yet tried from Nordost (awful!) to lesser AP, Cardas, Transparent, Wireworld, Harmonic Technology, Tara Labs and Morrow.  The AP Oval 9 is spectacular value too though the 8's are just better with more of everything good.  I lose interest when the value exceeds a couple of thousand dollars - there's some great used cables if you're patient.  I suspect that the new LessLoss C-Marc will be the ones to beat and they've a GREAT deal on early bird purchses.
Why not just getting focal's own copper cable supplied for the utopia?  It does not cost more than a $100, it's a 12awg 220+ strands, and if it is good enough for focal designers, it's got to be at least as good as mega bucks cables.
where would I get it?
Amazon... it's very basic, you know... jacques mahul is one among other speaker designers who considers cables not important to improve sonics as long as the gauge is good and well constructed...

Are they labeled 'Focal'  or 'JM' I never heard them or of them.  It could have saved me some serious money.

I think cables do have an impact on sound.  If that 'impact' is acceptable then why not. It doesn't have to expensive!

Transparent Audio is my choice
I picked up some Supra 3.4s cables. Sounds pretty good so far. jus letting them burn in. I'll report back.
I have Acoustic Zen Hollogram IIs feeding my 1037be speakers and love them. Even used they are a few hundred above where you want to be, but I also have their Satori running to my matching center channel. It is quite a bit less expensive and gives little ground to the more expensive AZ cables. They are all copper, btw, as recommended above. 
Another vote for all copper. I've got 1027BEs and Cardas Golden Refs mate really well.
Cooper+1. Have been using TWL with my Diva Utopia Be and very happy with it. 
Seems like everyone has their favorite cables. 
Ive only used the Discovery Essential and Essence cables in my system with the Sopra2 and 1029be2 speakers. Sounds good so no reason to get on the cable train.