Cables for Dynaudio 3.4 with Plinius 9200

I've just got my Dynaudio 3.4 speakers. What speaker cables would you recommend for the system or what cables are you using in similar set-up? Synergy is the key.

I love the sound that i get with my similar setup (dyn 3.4 and plinius sa100mk3 amp) using the audience au24 cables. they're worth a shot and always seem to sell quickly here on agon if you don't like them in your setup.
Dear Jkuc: I don't have your setup and I never heard the Fdesro Audience recomendation.
Through the time I try with many speaker cables ( this is a critical one stage ), every one has it's advantages and colorations and like you say Synergy is the key, in my system the best synergy goes for the Silver Oval from Analysis Plus and the silver wire KCAG from Kimber Kable: both very neutral and less colored that other top speaker cables.

You have to try. I don't know if The Cable Company is working because this cable source can give you 30 days to try at home any cable.

Regards and enjoy the music.
the acoustic zen hollow gram 2 make my dyn,s sing!
I love my Cardas Golden Reference, with Plinius 9200 and Proac D25
great match, the plinius and the dynaudio's. i have the 8200p and have had the 8200 mkII paired with dyn's 2.8's. having tried many cables, including audience, cardas and az, i love the xindac....and it's very inexpensive. the audience pc is great for the 9200.
Hi.I used OCOS speaker and is very good for the sound.
Try OCOS cable with Dynaudio speaker should be
a choice