Cables for Cremona auditors

I am new to this forum and audio.
I am looking for good (even excellent) speaker cables and interconnects for the following system:
Arcam AVP700
Arcam P1000
Arcam DV79
Arcam CD192
SF Cremona Auditors and Domus center and surround speakers.

No cables yet ,thinking of Audience au24 for everything and power. Thanks for recommendations. Jiri.
Audience AU24 would work great, even the less expensive series Audience would sound very fine with your gear
Great choice. You can't beat Audience for the moola.
don't like audience and Sonus (but all heard with YBA or Sonus Musica electronics) IMO.
I am currently using Audioquest Sky interconnects & Volcano speaker cables with the SF Auditors. Electronics consist of the Ayre Cx7e cdp & JRDG Concerto int amp. The most pure sound I have heard.
Audioquest Sky & Volcano they are out of my price range considering all the cables for my system.
Use the Au24 with my SF Grand Pianos with wonderful results. I would highly suggest you give them a listen.

I also use AU24 with SF Grand Piano. A very good match, I don't think you can beat them easily at the price, but I don't think AU24 are the ultimate.......

What other cable you deem would match the SF. I am also pairing it with Audience. Thanks
I use NACA5. This is Naim Speaker Cable, MSRP $10/ft.
This cable sounds great with my Auditor. A friend of mine who owns SF Amati uses the same cable. However, please note that we use all Naim gears.
Also note the new cables from Sonus Faber the Yter laboratorium!
They match like glove with SF speakers and are a Franco Serblin's concept (founder of Sonus Faber)!
In my system the Kimber Bifocal XL definitely didn't match...

I haven't tried many others because I was happy with what I got from Audience, but I would like to try Nirvana S-X or Stereovox LSP-600 sometime.
Audience are good too with Sonus Fabers. Also Stealth cables (silver-gold) are very good
It would appear that Franco Serblin designed some new silver/palladium wire for the the Stradivarius speakers. It is now being made as speaker cable by YTER. I haven't heard it, but it has to be worth checking out if you own Sonus Faber speakers....
Sorry - Kops already noted the YTER....