Cables for Conrad Johnson MF2500A, Dynaudio 1.3SE?


I looking for advice from you guys about which cables should I get for my present setup;
Amp-CJ MF2500A
Speakers-Dynaudio 1.3SE
Pre-Amp- Anthem AVM20 (Soon might upgrade to a Pass X1)

I looking to add some speed to the sound without loosing the wramth of the mid-range and making the highs sound bright and add some bass to the system.

I can`t tell you what to buy,I had a system very similar to
your.I used SONORAN cables,I was looking for the same
things you want from a cable.Go to the discussion forum and
read about SONORAN,they may be your cup of tea.
Thanks for your recommendation Blcube, I checked out their website and have mailed them asking them what is the best cable for my needs from their product line.

If not too much trouble could you tell me how similar was yoursetup to mine?

from what you have said, it sounds like you are looking for a fast and neutral cable that has good externsions at both ends, but with a warm midrange.

couple of points... imo, no cable really fits into that description. cables fall into warm/bloomy or fast/detailed camp. granted there are some cables that sit inbetween or close to borders. tryin to find a warm midband yet extended extensions ( ie bright top, good bass, and warm midrange) really doesnt fit.

cables should be treated as components but they are also gear dependant. in other words, some of the characteristics you are lookin for will have to come from the matching of your gear and also speaker cables

dependind on your budget, i would suggest the xlo signature II or the straightwire crescendo and cardas neutral speaker cables and listen

they are not bright cables but very truthful to the components they are connected to. from their you can get a baseline... if your system sounds too bright add a slightly warmer cable(one set) in between the pre to amp ( the discovery plus 4 is a cables that stradles the line. it is a neutral cable with a slight tinge of sweetness at the top but still gets the details ). and if it is still to bright add a second set of discoverys. and if still too bright, try the cardas golden cross ( very warm cable).

you will have to experiment to find the optimal set of cables.

i have found that most really good cables fall into the $700 and up (new retail)/ $325 (used) price range. i have yet to hear a "killer" budget cable ( the used discovery plus 4 is one, imo)

also, try to stick to major players. if you deceide to sell, you can generally break even and sell them quickly. a unknown no matter how good it, will take a beating. i would only suggest a new unknown after you have played around with enough cables to know when you hear a great one and they offer a solid audition and refund program and you plan on keeping the cable for a long time.

good luck,

Hi Mikesinger,

Thanks for you reply, yes thats exactly what I'm looking for in a cable that has extented high's without being bright with good tight bass and the mid-range wramth of the CJ's.

what do you think about the Audience AU24 speaker cables and interconnects?, also how would VDH sound I might get to audition them tomm at home(VDH Breeze speaker cable and the First Ultimate Interconnet).

Also what do you think of the DH Labls Revelation, here a quote by Soundstage;
"The result is an interconnect that sounds as clear and uncolored as any top-level interconnect I've heard but doesn't cost anywhere near what those other cables do. In a nutshell, the Revelation has much of the openness and subjective speed of Nordost Valkyrja, the midrange palpability of Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval, and the overall balance of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference."

Is the review accurate?