Cables for Conrad Johnson and Proac D25 system

Hello, everyone
I am looking for your recommendations on speaker cables and IC's for the following system:
1. Conrad Johnson CA-200
2. Musical Fidelity CD 308
3. Proac D25 speakers

Currently using QED siver anniversary bi-wire and Alpha Core IC's. The music I listen to is 95% instrumental. Primarily ethnic percussion driven type (indian raga's and Middle Eastern), big orchestra, lots of electronic ambient, some classic jazz. I can't detect anything wrong with the current cabling, except that my concern is that the current cables (being clearly mid-fi) are limiting the potential of my components.
FWIW, I really liked Alpha-Core Goertz MI 2 speaker cables when I used a ss c-j power amp.
Based on your system (i have a mf cd308 now and i have had response 1sc's in the past) my experience with the Alpha core products is that they are good but lack the air and space that other cables can have. I recently borrowed a set of Shunyata Andromeda Helix Speaker cables and i was absolutely blown away by the sound and 3-dimensionality i was hearing. If the price of those is prohibitive, check out the Gemini (im getting some) as they are about half the price. If your curious, my current system is:

Belcanto evo200.2 amp
Musical Fidelity A308cd Cd
Audio Research LS16 Mk II Pre Amp
PS Audio Statement Speaker cables (the older model)
Ref 3a mm Decapi i Speakers
Acoustic zen ref matrix interconnects
Have you upgraded the power cords of you components first on the cdp and ca? What is the budget on cables if so?
No, I haven't upgraded those, but probably should look into it. Budget for biwire speaker cables is up to $1K used.
Alextychkin, Unless your speakers have to be bi-wire my experience is you don't really gain a lot there from just a good speaker cable. That being said, I highly reccomend you get power cords first accross the board. You really need to audition them to make sure you like it. I auditioned several and found some to be nice and warm when plugged into certain components and found them fine in another. I found one line which was good all around though expensive I'm buying all shunyata. It is very warm and natrural and really seems to bring out the best in the cj gear I have. I found several other power cords not much less in price to be to dynamic quick and in my face which just made me want to turn the volume down. So depending on your taste you will do much more improvement on cords first then interconnects and speaker cable. I've actually auditioned all in the past week and its been fun becoming a believer in cords, never thought of it before I got this same advice recently. Trust me you haven't heard the cj or musical fidelity until you match them with a better power cord. Hope you have a dealer who will give you some stuff to try. let me know.
good luck
As long as Beerdraft brought it up you may want to audition some PC's first. I just upgraded mine (for a 3rd time) on my CJ preamp and Audio Aero CDP. I'll leave the superlatives to someone else but suffice it to say that it made a SIGNIFICANT improvement, more so than I've experienced with either speaker cables or IC upgrades.
Thanks all. The PC upgrade seems to be the thing to do. I've been very skeptical up until now about PC swapping in general. But the more I hear about the changes those cords make, the more I feel like focusing on that area first.
I have had great success with Kimber KS-1030 interconnects and Kimber Bifocal speaker wire between a PS Audio Digital Link III, Conrad Johnson preamp, McCormack DNA-1 and Proac Response 2.5's. I certainly agree with Beerdrafts and Jaffeassc's ideas on power cables; their impact in your system should be very large. Wishing you good luck!!

If you want to surprise yourself, then listen to DNM Reson speaker wires and ICs.
Actually for the price just buy them. Get the original ones, not the new bi-wire
ones. Then look at PCs. Concert Sound in Austin, TX is the source for the wires.
I have a CA200 plus other CJ amps. If the Pro Acs are in anyway bright, these
wires will show that. They are neutral.
If anything, the CJ/Proac combo is a bit dark (nicely so), and a bit of extra sparkle would be good. The last thing I'd want is a dull, rolled-off-in-the-highs result. I've yet to hear a bright British speaker.
The DNM Reson will open things up and takes away nothing. I was shocked as I replace very expensive and highly regarded cables with these.