Cables for Classe/B&W system?

What are the popular choices for a Classe/B&W system. I plan to go with Classe CD player, 700 preamp, the new 2300 amp (or used CAM400 monos) and B&W 802d?
No Classe/B&W owners here???
What's your budget and the type of sound you're looking for? I'm sure folks here can give you some ideas to look at.
I love Purist Audio Design (Venustas) with my Krell/B&W N802's. The Musaeus is a great cable for the money and very inviting so you don't need to spend on the flagship with PAD. Sorry no experience with Classe equipment though.
Krell1, isn't PAD rather warm sounding? I mean Classe is supposed to be warmer than Krell and 802D are obviously smoother than 802N due to their diamond tweeter. I've heard great things about PADs but maybe a mismatch for what I plan.
Possibly if it's a warm sounding system to you already but if you call PAD and talk with Jim Aud then he could tell you which cable would be brighter sounding. This was a thread that compared Stealth to PAD that might help you.

It was said by one that "Stealth are more neutral, detailed
PAD are more fuller, warmer, blacker backgrounds".

I use the Venustas cable as my reference and Musaeus in my second system but don't think they lean to the warmer side and are just very musical. I have said before that all others I have tried were just OK until I installed the PAD my whole system just elevated to another level so they are essential in to systems.
What about IC and speaker cables?
Classe and B&W are under one holding company. Question: Why not look up the bricks and mortar audio stores from around the U.S. that carry these two brands and get opinions from some of the staff about ic's and SC's or at least view the cable brands their stores carry? I believe the retail outlets are required to merchandise both these brands, at least that's the case at audio store in my location.

btw I have a Simaudio W5.3 amp and B&W 805S and use Transparent Audio mm1 super ic's and am soon to acquire mm2super speaker cables for Christmas. I like the ic's and pretty sure the SC's will step up to the plate.

On a slightly different wavelength, from my taste of reading AG discussion forums, tubes are hot, old fashioned solid state not so much. And on this forum it takes a brave soul to say he likes his B&W's, often soon followed by a disparaging post that would make you think that guy's B&W's up and left him for another man. Maybe, content, B&W owners grew wary of this and just aren't participating in AG forum so much. But who knows, I could be off the mark. In a newspaper story photo, I saw my speakers in Jack White's Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville (WSJ 7/10/2009 edition), maybe B&W paid to put them there but still..., oh and I just turned up my humidifier to get some more of that English dampness in my listening space.

Thanks for posting your question and provide us an update if you like.
Thanx for reminding about Transparent. They are usually sold by the same dealers - the question is if they are a good match indeed?
try cable company. and try some out than decide.
"Nishna" is right "In a newspaper story photo, I saw my speakers in Jack White's Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville (WSJ 7/10/2009 edition), maybe B&W paid to put them there". I was talking to my local hifi dealer and told me the story of Jack White walking into the store and they weren't quick to help thinking he was probably not going to buy much of anything. Turned out, he said "I'll take all this" which was McIntosh equipment and B&W speakers. I know almost for sure then that he liked the B&W's to his ears.
Thanks Krell1 for that interesting insider story about Jack White's purchase. I own some White Stripes and Raconteurs releases and enjoy them in spurts. Anyway, one particular televised performance by Jack White totally blew me away. It was at a U.S. Presidential honor for Sir Paul McCartney. So here's this audience in the East Room?? of the White House, Sir Paul and Obamas in the front row, various musicians stroll out and perform McCartney and Lennon/McCartney songs then Jack White comes out and performs solo, just him and his guitar doing (and here I apologize, I think it was Mother Nature's Son)a White Album song, all I can say is wow! This was something I saw on Public Television. If you get a chance to view this PTV production, a high recommendation. Sorry for straying from OP, though somewhat associated because of White's ownership of B&W and that White is prolific, stylistic, contempory musician of note.

I think the recommendation of visiting brick & mortar stores is sound, as well as The Cable Company. FWIW, the store where I purchased my B&W used to recommend Nordost (which they carried, of course) with B&W and Classe or McIntosh. I have Mc tubes so can't be of much help there.

Over at the B&W forum experienced people tend to like Nordost, Transparent. If I lived in the US I would take The Cable Co up with samples of PAD, Transparent, and Nordost and hear for myself.

I hope this helps.

PD: Nishna, do I count as a VERY brave sould having recognized I like tubes AND B&W? :-)
Lewinskih, I was going to mention McCarthyism... oops.
Cool that you have good results using tubes.
When I started reading AG forums I really didn't know much about tubes and I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in '86. The only time I heard about tubes during school was when one of my professors stated that the Soviet air force still used tubes in aeronautical electronics since they were resistent to EMP ( from nuclear weapons)unlike solid state. Of course our oscilliscopes had cathode ray tubes but never learned anything more than elementary electromagnetic principle of CRT operation. I do remember seeing tube testing consoles in stores that sold TV's in the early 70's I now find myself the owner of a tube driven phono amp but plan to stick with solid state down stream of that.