Cables for Cayin A50T and Totem Arros

This is my first venture into tubes. I've read the threads on what tubes to try in this amp (and the matching CD 50T), and I'll be experimenting there, but I was also wondering what interconnects and speaker cables to try. I just carried over my old Tara Labs from the solid state setup (I think both interconnect and speaker cables are RSC Ref Gen2). Pretty old, and I have no idea if they are a good match. I was thinking I ought to try something biwired since the Arros have that option. No threads on this, so I was wondering what people had success using. Thanks. -Dave
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Dbw1, sorry to revive this old thread. I have a Cayin A50T and will be buying Totem Arro's this week. Everything I've read about the Arro's say they are very inefficient. Does the Cayin have sufficient power to bring out the best in the Arro's?