Cables for Cary SLI80 and Soliloquy 5.0

Looking for a starting point for cables to audition for this combination. Also, has anyone changed any of the tubes on this amp and what do you recommend? Thanks for any and all advice.
I understand soliloquy recommends Analysis Plus for their speakers. I was very happy the the Oval 9s when i had a pair of 5.3s
He Kroc,

Okay, it's been over a week- tell me about the Seiman's!
I just got some Mullards today, I'll let you know how they compare with the Tungsram & Ediswan. Jay in St Thomas
As Emil says, Soliloquy uses Analysis Plus religiously at their factory(I've been there) and at all shows. Their interconnects can be kinda pricey though, so I've been using DH Labs BL1 that allows all the detail the 5.3s are capable of producing to come through. FYI, Soliloquy also strongly recommends bi-wiring the speakers so you should keep that in mind when choosing a speaker cable. Again, I found the DH Labs Q14 worked well and will save you some $$$ vs. Analysis Plus if that's a consideration. Best of luck.
Thanks to all for the input. I will keep my eye out for the Analysis plus biwire speaker cables. I have ordered nos KT88's from Kevin at Upscale and will post the results after they arrive. Thanks again.
I've got the Chinese Genelex copies (KT88's), early 50's RCA JAN 6SN7GT's --- and the Siemens 7308's just brought the whole package together. Specifically the results were:

KT88's: Gave me more sustained power during heavy transients on both ends of the spectrum, but most notably on the bottom end, where it was tightened up dramatically.

RCA 6SN7GT's: Widened and deepened the soundstage, while at the same time bringing the musicians into a GREAT pinpoint focus. The stock Sovteks were all over the place.

Siemens 7308's: Took away the glare/smoothed off the top, which is what I wanted, and at the same time even further tightening of the bottom end resulted.

I used the same two CD's every time I made changes. All tube changes were made after I had already gotten the CD-303. The difference between the CD-303 and Ah! 99' was the most dramatic thing I did to this system in the last two months. Second would have to be the 1951 RCA 6SN7GT's.

My speakers in this system are Silverline SR15's on shot loaded stands and I'm using DH Labs (8') Q-10 biwired.

I'm still waiting on my Soliloquy S-10 to be delivered, which will finish this office system. Seems they made some changes in the amp for the sub at the German factory and are having to retool all the boxes. It's been a two month anguishing wait.