Cables for Bryston 4B SST and Linbrook Monitors?

Hello All,

I'm puting together a new system with a Bryston 4B SST and a pair of Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Monitors. I want to achieve a full range neutral to slightly warm yet open sound. I prefer to pay under $1K. I'm not experienced with sound references of different cables.
Does anyone have familiar experience with this set up and can recommend cables (and interconnects), and are used a good value (what to look out for)? I would prefer to try bi-wiring (I think).
Respected Audiophiles, Thank You in advance.
Audition everything before you buy (money back guarantees fairly standard on new cables). Having said that, I would recommend MIT speaker cables (even used ones can have a warranty if purchased through Joe Abrams or, perhaps, others). For cables, it's tough to beat the Sound Quest Pro Series Zero Point Reference Interconnect -- neutral, detailed and low cost. Again, try before you buy. Good luck.

just at the ces in las vegas..

the cable standout that stole the show was .......


they are way beyond reasonably priced for the performance ( $400 range for interconncts and $500 range for speaker cables) they are the most neutral, uncolored cable i have ever heard ( heard them in 3 differnt systems - modest to ourageous) and the results are the same.

i am getting them to replace my xlo signiture series.

there is a review @ posiive feedback that i think is pretty accurate.

you have to pay $1k plus range for interconnects and $2k plus range for speakercables to mach their perfomrance.

btw, i am not affialted with soundstring ( i am in the medical industry)

hope that helps,

Ty uses DH Labs in his speakers, I would try those. I have some DH Labs cable in my Tyler system, they sound excellent.