Cables for biwiring

In a foreign language forum (very technically oriented) a guy mentionned that a better solution for biwiring is to use different kind of cables for biwiring - thicker for the bass module and thinner for the mids and the highs. The reason is the different way the signal moves through the wires depending on its specifications. Theoretically I can see some logic behind this - many agree that in biamping mode a better solution is to use SS for the bass and valves for the mids and the highs. Why should we disagree that a specific approach to the wires may also be reasonable. Nevertheless I haven't heard about companies manufacturing asymetric type of cables for biwiring. There may be some cons - when diffrent cables are used the originally recorded music is modified by enhancing some frequencies at the expense of others. Beeing convinced that the A-gon community is the ultimate audiophile gathering in the Net, I would like you, guys, to give your opinion about this. And if different cables are a good solution, what would you recommend? Do you have your own experience of that kind? It became a long post, but I hope it may be helpful.