Cables for B&W signature 805

Please can somebody tell me which speaker cable is better match for B&W Signature 805 speakers:
Kimber cables (which model)
MIT cables (which models)
Remember, B&W signature 805 speakers have biwire connection.
I use Music Fidelity A308 integrated amplifier and Music fidelity CD308 CD player.
Thank you very much for yours prompt answeres...
Don't know much about Kimber kable. But I am using the older version MIT 750 Shortgun biwired with my Nautilus 803 with great result. List price was somewhere around $1200 but you can find it used for about $400-500.

Well I just sold off my bi-wire Kimber 8tc wire, & went w/ Harmonic Technology Pro-9 bi-wire for my B&W's.
I was startled just the other night, as I'm hearing details that I didn't hear on Cd's with the Kimbers. The Pro-9's signal path is amazing, the brightness of the metal tweeter has been totally toned down, & the low end is more pronounced.

I did size down my length from 15' to 12' w/ the 9's yet, going from Kimber to Harmonic Tech. was like hearing a whole new speaker. I did scrap the whole Kimber Hero interconnect trail & upgrade to HT's Pro-silway II's.

I haven't used any MIT cables since the early 90's, yet I can't remember ever getting excited over any I ever heard.

IMO that's just my two cents.
Good Luck!