cables for apogee duetta II

I just picked up a pair of apogee duetta IIs and am looking for a good set of bi-wire speaker cables to go with them. Everything I read seems to indicate that the apogee speakers are very cable sensitive. Anyone have any experience/recommendations? I like a dymanic yet tight sound and am using an emotiva preamp with an aragon 4004 mkII. Also any suggestions on interconnects would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
A friend of mine had wonderful results 20 years ago using the then top of the range MIT 750 shotgun reference terminator cable and 330 interconnect cables. Amplifier was a Krell KSA300s , preamp a CAT mk2 and the CD was the Forsell.
Great sound!
Back in the day, Swiss-made Symo speaker cables were the cat's meow with Apogees and they weren't terribly expensive. They worked well with my Duetta II's but I don't recall comparing them to anything else! There is a pair on eBay right now but they seem a little pricey.
I have the Duetta Sigs. and used Siltech F-12 ribbons as well as VDH Revelation.
Straightwire Crescendo. They will give the Duettas bass bloom like no other wire and are very open and dynamic. Much better than Symo(which I owned also when I had Apogees Duetta Signatures).

I have a pair if you would like to try them.
I'm guessing the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 or AG2 speaker cables would work nicely.
Not a good idea to use ANY high-capacitance cable -- such as Alpha-Core (even with the Zobel band-aid) -- with a solid state amp.
Disclaimer -- I own Portal Audio, a manufacturer of solid state amps; also own Equus Audio, which sells MIT cables.
BTW -- I have Duetta lls now. Have owned Divas & Duetta Sigs in the past.
Why wouldn't the use of the RC networks (Alpha-Core speak for Zobels) be a good idea?
Unsound -- thanks for your question. Even with the Zobel, a solid state amp sees a highly reactive load. The Zobel simply keeps the amp from going into serious oscillation. That's why I call it a band-aid. ALSO, the presence of another component soldered on _in series_ with the signal is just another veil between the music and the listener.

I would imagine that the Zobel keeps the amp from seeing a "highly reactive load". The Zobels don't need to be soldered. Other ss amp manufactures have endorsed the Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables and have even had a hand in their development.
I used the Goertz MI-1 bi-wire cables with a pair of Duetta IIs some years ago very successfully. They replaced Kimber and Symo cables and worked great with no Zoebels. A friend with some pretty expensive MITs came by and they were very poor on my Duettas. Zoebels can help with some amps not as well designed as the Pass I was using. The Zoebels are not "another compenent soldered on in series/just another veil". They are in parallel and dont affect the signal to the speakers. Read the very old white paper by Nelson Pass on his web site or look up some old posts by Sean. I bult my own Zoebels later on a dual bannana using much better caps and resistors than is truly needed.
For ICs I use VDH The First. Detailed without being bright. Disclosure, I was a VDH dealer for Sumiko in the past and after a lapse of 15 years I am a dealer for Bluebird, their current importer. But I used them when I was not a dealer and bought more on Audiogon.
As stated a Zobel network is a benign and proven method of preventing problems to solid state amplifiers that low inductance cables may present. It is not a "band aid".

Speaking of which Joe, what is the purpose of the resistors, capacitors, inductors, gerbils, etc. inside those secretive little black band aid boxes attached to the cables you sell?

Pot, meet kettle.

I have Duetta II, Mk II - I use Nordost Blue Heaven, and like the combination. I am using an active crossover.
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