Cables for a Tag/Theta/B&W combo?

Looking for recommendations for interconn, power & speaker cables for my Tag McLaren Av32REX, Theta Dreadnaught, B&W Nautilus 805/HTM2 combination. I am currently using the stock power chrods, MIT T2 Biwired speaker cables (fronts & center), Kimber KS1010(fronts), Monster M550i(center & rears). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am currently looking at a Shunyata Sidewinder for the Tag, and a Shunyata Black Mamba for the Theta. No idea on speaker or interconnects.

There are so many options...cable market is so crowded it's unbelievable.
Are you in the US? GB?
8TC or 4TC from Kimber is the traditional budget reference for copper cables. The T-2 is good too but I've always been uncomfortable with the 'signal processing' it does...any special reason you picked those (did you do comparisons?)