Cables: Cardas Cross/Harmoic Tech pro 11

I'm new to this high end stuff. After buying a Conrad Johnson PV-11, with a CJ MF2300 SS amp, fed by a Thule CD100, all driving a set of Audio Physics Virgo's; I find out I need to get speaker cables. So now for round 2 in the lets get educuted/serious confusion, about music. I need at a 12' because of the funky space that I'm in (ie read to achieve marital bliss with all this big stuff in the living room). Right now I have 15 year old, first generation monster cable. My guy who got me the CJ stuff has a 14' run of Cardas Cross ($850). Originally I was going to get Nordost Red Dawn from him, but it was to short. I have since found some for $850 that would work. I have also found some great reviews about the Harmonic Tech Pro 9. I did'nt find the pro 9, but I can get the Pro 11 for $500. I'm sure it will all sound better, but what do I get? Secondly, it seems that buying used cable will get me over the burn in period. Any thoughts? Luc
Consider Kimber 4TC. It is relatively cheap, it's neutral and one of the better cables regardless of price. It will definitely not be the limiting factor in your system and a single run will be much cheaper than some of the cables you are considering.
You have to try ALL the cables IN YOUR OWN SYSTEM to come up with the answer to your question Luc. What may work for someone in their system may not work in yours because of different equiptment/room/room furnishing/etc,etc... variables. I suggest that you borrow all these cables for a week or so (make sure they're broken in) and give each cable a run through with your favourite discs. Even if you can't find 14' lengths try out some shorter ones just to see what kind of sonic signature the cables impart on your system (there is no such thing as a truly transparent cable, as long as the signal passes through them it will change the sound for better or for worse.) Listen for the most natural sounding cable and forget the sonic fireworks that other cables may give, which in extended listening sessions, may cause fatigue or irritabillity. If it doesn't sound like real musicians playing music in front of you then try again. As an example, in my modest system, I have tried Goertz, Transparent, MIT, Wireworld, XLO, Kimber, Audioquest, Monster, JPS and a few others I have forgoten. All good brands and some of them have received rave rewiews from the press and from fellow audiophiles. But none of these cables produced this certain amount of unexplainable 'magic' in between my Totem Model 1 Signatures and Sim Audio Moon I-5 as did the Cardas Cross. Only after I tried the Cardas did the music come to life. You will never know until you try it for yourself in your own system. Good luck and happy hunting!
I have the H.T. Pro-9 bi-wire spkr. cables and am very satisfied. Orb is correct that the only way to know for sure is to try them in your home. Harmonic Tech. allows a 30 day return policy. Beware: The burn in time is not exaggerated. it takes 85 - 150 hrs. for these cables to sound right, unfortunately. I suspect many negative reviews of cables are due to cables not being completely broken in. Even broken in cables take a little while to settle in to a new system.