Cables between Mac C-2200 and Mac MC-207

Any opinions for a good match between the Mac preamp and amp. Just purchased the C-2200, it's my first true tube component. Have Hyperion HPS-938 speakers and Arcam FMJ cd33. Have some Nordost speaker cables and innerconnects. Any thoughts??
I'm using JPS Labs Superconductor FX between my C2200 and MC275 with JPS Superconductor Petite biwires to my speakers, and JPS Superconductor 2 from the CD player. To my ears the JPS cables are vastly superior to the Tara, Silver Audio, MIT, Synergistic Research, PS Audio, and Kimber cables I've used in the past.
JPS gives a very clear, dynamic, open, detailed yet rich sound. Second choice, and a good one, are Analysis Plus cables.

If you want to experiment, contact The Cable Company where you can rent a variety of cables to try in your system and use the rental price toward their new or used cables. It is a much more efficient way to find what you like than buying and selling, over and over.
Analysis Plus Silver Oval or if you prefer copper Solo Crystal Oval. Clear, dynamic, and detailed presentation.
Go for a silver cable for sure!

I had the Acoustic zen silver reference and It was a good match!
I have never heard all silver cables in my system. Have heard that they can sound thin and brittle. Looking for warm and smooth. Have looked at smaller cables guys like Morrow. Wonder how they stack up aginst the bigger names?

Hawkeye43 my mistake.

In my previous post I wanted to say that I had a C2200, an MC2102 with Acoustic Zen Silver reference!

Mc's are already warm and musical and for me a touch of silver is the best thing you can do!


My suggestion is to listen to the difference in power cables to your amp, preamp, and digital sources before going into interconnects. I too suggest the Cable Company (I have no relationship to them except that of a happy customer), and I especially suggest auditioning Synergistic research power cables, interconnects, and speaker cables... in that order.

Happy listening... btw, the C2200 is a very nice preamp!