cables between lamm and wilson watt puppy 7

I am considering selling my rowland 302 amp and getting a lamm hybrid amp 2.2.

Anyone have thoughts on what speaker cable optimally pairs with the lamm and wilson watt puppy 7.

I am running out of cash here otherwise I would probably get the nordost valhalla. If all the suggestions are expensive speaker cables I would start saving up for one of them. So if you have ideas less expensive or not, please let me know.

I currently have the emmlabs dac/preamp dcc2 and emmlabs cdsd transport with its proprietary connection

the interconnect between the preamp and amp is nordost valhalla.


Well, cable recommendations are always a bit special, but from my experience, the cheaper XLO cables are pretty good ( or a better value than others ).
Please note that I am a dealer for Purist Audio Design.
The PAD Venustas cables are not super expensive, but are some of the finest cables available at any cost. Will hold their own against Nordost, Transparent, MIT, etc.
Let me know if I can get you a great price.
Running out of cash you say?!
You and me both Mike!
(The Lamms are expensive, aren't they!)

My buddy, the one I mentioned with the M2.2s and the Eidolons, was using Audience Au24 speaker cables, albeit temporarily until he too got more cash. They sounded very, very good. However, being in the upgrade mood, he moved on up to the Valhallas soon thereafter.
(What else, huh?! Seems like everyone is going to those, but man, are they expensive!)

After I bought my M2.1s, I heard his system again, this time with the Valhallas replacing the Au24s. While the Valhallas are a slight improvement over the Au24s, it is just that, a slight improvement. Therefore, I bought his Au24s and bought another pair (as I biwire my Revel Studios). At some point, I will move on up as well, but for now, I am content with the Au24s. Price used is around $500 for a 2m pair. (BTW, I do like the Nordost sound, as I have just bought a pair of Quatro Fils for my preamp to amp connection and it is wonderfully detailed, and yet very musical.)

Good Luck in your search!
I haven't got very far, but this might help:

lamm / wilson cables

I have also had some useful discussions offline. However most of these cables are expensive so saving might be the order of the day!

Good luck!

can you tell me in what way the valhalla bested the audience au24? I am thinking if the difference is small will go with the audience au24 but am wondering if they will be an improvement on the nordost red dawn version 1. The lamm/wp7 combo is awesome and could only see maybe a little tighter bass. When a track has a lot of instruments going and its rock music it gets a little muddy so was thinking a little tighter would be great but without losing the great presence of the vocals.

You could always go with a used pair of Valkyrja. The difference between Valkyrja and Valhalla isn't all that big, atleast with the speaker cables. I also have Valhalla IC and use them with great results with Valkyrja. You may also want to check out the new Purist Audio Anniversery. They produce a somewhat warmer sound which may be nice with the Focal tweeters.