Cables are just the "B" section

Spending a king's ransom on cables is very nice, but a little prudence at the source- the power from the wall- will go al lot farther to get you to audio nirvana. Electronic Specialists Inc. ( make in line RFI/Surge/Spike units (that have to be installed in a dedicated line, probably by an electrician) that blow the audiophile stuff away by miles. The units are not cheap ($100-200), but the improavement is startling. I go an 20 AMP laboratory grade in line for muy dedicated amp line, and the results were magical. I Plan to use a 15 amp unit for my digital line. Get with the program: stop giving companies like Nordost their retirement chacks.
You can also purchase external parallel filters and surge protectors that operate similarly. Often, they're slightly cheaper.
These also offer an advantage in that the filter can be a short cable run away fm the component.
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My experience with the external devices is that they are not as effective. What I disvcovered is that the whole dedicated line must be treated BEFORE the wall sockets. I got this tip from one of the engineers at ES. Going this route is a lot of trouble, and people in apartments realy cannot rewire their sound rooms. In additon, once the power cord leaves the outlet, some ferrite cores help minimize internal RFI. Most amplifiers put back a certain amount of it, whihc is why the front ends should have their own dedicated power line. Using a good quality power cable is still good sense, but forget those $3000 fat worms and hire an electrician for one tenth the cost.